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Meet 17th November 2022 Babita brings Masum infront of Raj. Masum says I didn’t know Dad is playing game with me, he tricked me and ask details about hospital. Babita ask Raj is she telling true. Raj nods his head.

Babita says why did you tell now she will frame Neelu, she is going to be mom ouf our Son’s kid. Raj shouts at her says can’t you see Meet is looking for Meet Ahlawat and I believe she will find him, remember about your alarm for 24 hours she will bring him back don’t worry. Babita says because of her is someone get’s hurt I won’t forgive you ever in my life, she leaves.

Raj calls Meet says where are you. Meet says I know Neelu has kept Meet Ahlawat in this hospital. Raj in shock. Meet tell him everything happen to her and how she is playing, she says I won’t leave until I free Meet Ahlawat. Raj says if you are sure I’ll call DCP he will raid the hospital. Meet says no Neelu might hurt him if she didn’t find any way, we can’t risk at all, I’ll figure out something.

Raj ask what are you planning. Meet says she like challenges so I’ll challenge her and she will take me to him.Meet sends a message to Neelu, she challenges her says I believe you don’t have Meet Ahlawat with you, if you have them prove me. Laila hear the voice message. Meet thinks she will accept challenge and I’ll find Meet Ahlawat.

Laila with Meet Ahlawat in a secluded room. Laila says Meet is challenging me, she thinks you are not with me, tell me what should I do, should I answer her or ignore her. Meet Ahlawat on chair unconscious.
Meet anxious looking at her phone waiting for answer. Laila reply her says ward number 6 Bench number 10 come soon. Meet leave.

Laila give getting ready her injection says asking her to come here is my plan.
Meet near bench no. 10 looking for Neelu. A nurse throw garbage in dustbin, she remove her mast to check, she says I’m sorry I thought it’s someone else. Meet find Meet Ahlawat’s chain on chair, she looks at cup says it was not here earlier, she pick it up.

Meet get’s message from her saying welcome, you are my guest, have some coffee if you want to see Meet Ahlawat. Meet thinks did she mix something in this, if I won’t drink she will know I’m playing a game and if I drank how I’ll save Meet Ahlawat, I’m ready to face my death to see you Meet Ahlawat and she drinks the coffee. Meet head start spinning and she sleeps. Laila come with a stretcher to her.

Barfi looking for Neelu in her room. Barfi says she is not here this means she start her work as Laila, this means Meet was right she has hidden him somewhere in this hospital, I have to control her or else my Neelu’s life will be ruined.

Laila sit beside Meet says I thought you will be smart but you are good for nothing, dying for love is for losers. Laila’s partner pick her up and take her away on stretcher. Three of them corridor. Barfi coming downstairs but couldn’t see Meet been taken away ask she slips from last step.

Goon and Laila bury her. Laila says you can leave I’ll do the rest. Goon walk away. Laila says now you can rest forever Meet, she try to close the box with help if stick but Meet stop her from closing box and hold her stick. Meet get out of pit says your true face is out now, she taunts her and hold her neck, she says I won’t die until Meet Ahlawat is free, I never drank your coffee, she oush her away.

Neelu comes back and says why did you push me Meet, you know I’m pregnant and where did you brought me. Meet says stop acting. Neelu says tell me if I did something wrong. Meet slaps her tightly says it’s our mistake who believe in you and kept soft corner for you and slaps her multiple time.

Laila comes back, she hold Meet’s hand says how dare you hit Laila. Meet push her says who is Laila, I’ll tell everyone about your acting. Laila laughs and introduce herself to Meet and tell I’m not like Neelu who always cry, whatever Laila like she snatches it.

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