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Meet 17th May 2022 Ram says to Meet your father Ashok Hooda was murdered by me. Meet in tears. Ram says Raj took all the blame on him, I was scared and coward, I wish I would have accepted my crime few years back but Rana ask me to sit quiet and I did whatever he asked me do, Rana used his powers to bury the case then suddenly Raj came to know about pendrive and he asked me not to tell anyone, I’m the murderer, I killed your father and I did many more to hide the truth,

today because of me this family is on the verge to break and I’m unable to do anything. Meet says I don’t know if I able to forgive you but I know I’ll prove Raj is innocent, I request you till the time I prove Raj as innocent please be quite and leave the room. Ram in tears crying on floor.

Meet in her room says how Mamaji was quite for so many years, Mama told me the Babita is her sister so to save her family he was quite but Ram fire the shot so why he was so egar for marrying Shanty to Isha I don’t understand anything and remember how Abhay treated him says something is fishy in case I need to find the connection to know the truth. Meet Ahlawat open door and walks in.

Meet apologies him for tieing him up. He ignore her and take pillow. Meet says you don’t need to go out it’s our room. Meet Ahlawat says I very well know it’s our room and this pillow is for you, I’ll sleep on bed and you will sleep on sofa, do not try to educate me on being husband and wife because I don’t want that you better understand that. Meet hugs him and says listen to me one time.

Meet Ahlawat ask her to leave him, you forcefully entered this house, I’ll also see for how much time more you can be inside this house and push her back. Meet Ahlawat keep pillow back and leave the room and bring curtain to make a partion between them on bed. He lie down. Meet take blanket from cupboard and go to bed, she looks at him behind to curtains she was about to touch him but Meet Ahlawat see her, she takes her hand back, lie down and start crying.

Next morning. Meet Ahlawat at judges room give Raj’s record to judge says he is a respectable man of society and if you want can check his previous records too, he is helped many people with different camps, everything is submitted to you and to court room too. Judge says that’s all is good but you cannot prove that your father is innocent even your father accepted his crime, and you didn’t submitted any documents for second bail because of that I cannot approve bail. Lawyer request to judge. Judge put a seal on paper of rejected.

Lawyer says to Meet Ahlawat don’t be tensed we will approach Judge again with request. Meet Ahlawat says are you understanding what you are saying she will reject another bail and my dad will be in jail suffering, all this is happening because of Meet, I hate you Meet I won’t forgive you for all these. Meet hear everything says don’t forgive me I’m ready to get punished just don’t leave me alone.

Meet walk to Judge introduce herself and says I’m here to appeal bail for Raj Ahlawat. Judge says I have already rejected that, nothing can benifit you please don’t waste my time. Meet says I know your time is important but listen to me for 2 minutes after that you might change your decision, I know you don’t want to accuse someone who didn’t committed a crime,

Raj is in jail because of a video in pendrive, it was used as clue to arrest Rajvardhan but that video was edited it was not real and to prove that I have report of Haryana police tech department. Judge open the envelope and read the report. Meet says you can give him bail on this report. Judge says now you will tell me what do to, be in your limits.

Meet apologies and says the person who was murdered was my father Ashok Hooda and the person in jail is my father in law and he did so much for me, my father was murdered but still I cannot believe my father in law will murder someone and to prove that you have to report from tech department, I request you to bail Raj and give him chance to prove himself innocent and please don’t close the case. Judge says I’ll do whatever I can. Meet says thanks and leave.

Abhay in his car talking to Shanty on phone talking about Ashok Hooda case, says I cannot ruin my sister’s life and ask them tell me where am I wrong. Abhay looks at his phone and says to Shanty I’m getting call from tech department, he is the person who told about Meet and pendrive,

he pucks the call and get shocked says what video is comprised who told you that, your boss, he shouts at him says and you are telling me this now. Abhay’s car stop at checkpost. Balveer walks to his car and tie lemon chilli at front bumper of his car. Abhay leave. Man calls Meet and says I have installed tracker now you will know wherever he go. Meet thanks Balveer for his work and disconnects call.

Tej outside lawyers house. Meet Ahlawat calls him. Tej says don’t worry I’m out of Lawyers house and I won’t move from here till the time dad get’s bail. Meet points gun at Tej. Tej ask what are you doing. Meet says please forgive me I’m going to kidnap you. Tej says what nonsense are you doing.

Meet says to free Raj it’s important to kidnap you. Tej says for that you are scaring me with this gun. Gun doesn’t know if he scaring someone known person or unknown after all I won’t shoot you and hit him with gun, she apologies to him and says because of you dad will be out of jail in next 24 hrs. Meet put him in back seat.

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