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Meet 16th September 2021 Meet says to Babita you are my mother’s age and you are questioning my mother’s upbringing which I don’t like so you may leave. Babita says this is they way you talk, you will give me answer. Meet says lets forget it and you can leave. Babita holds Meet hand and says give me answer say it. Meet says your clothes, your way of talking is mordern but your thinking is old fashioned, you still think there is difference between women and men, but you still have that kind of thinking, if a man has this kind of nature I like to change is thinking and this trophy is result, but when a woman speak like this don’t have answers to say.

Babita says to Meet your age is to take advice not pass judgement and you don’t know who am I. Meet says I’m good not knowing you and here is advise, please upsacle your thinking in same way you upsacle your looks.Meet Ahlawat congratulate Meet. Meet says thankyou. Meet Ahlawat say I cannot hear you. Meet says now stop acting. Meet Ahlawat says these words are rare in your dictionary sp thought of taking these at once, anyway take care.

Anubha says to Amma what should she do so that you can see her love and hardwork. Amma says ask her if she can bring her brother back who died. Meet and her friends come to house celebrating. Anubha says wait and do blesses her. Meet says how do you know I’ll win. Anubha says I knew that you will win and when it come to happiness of this house you always win, says wait I’ll come and brings chain for her. Meet says this is father’s chain. Anubha says yes and this is for your hardwork and says to Amma if he would be here he must be proud of Meet that she is doing everything for this house and hugs Meet. Amma says to Anubha you are not doing right, there is difference between winning a gali cricket match and doing things for house, will she have value for that always on her bike and roaming. Ram says to Meet we will leave now.

Manu come and says I’m so proud of you my little sister so how much money yoh won. Meet sats told you that I’ll make new jewellery for you. Manu says come now lets go for shopping. Meet says we will go after sometime my body is paining. Amma says to Meet these are all your excuses to show how much hard you work for this house. Anubha says to Meet don’t pay attention too much you won the match that too with fast, now you can break your fast take have water, you did great job today. Manu sees check says to herself this is on Meets name now I have to butter her up and calls Anubha says we I’ll feed her by my hands. Anubha says to Manu is everything alright, Manu says why do you say that, Manu says I know Meet does so much for me and this is why I said no to your Jijaji so that I can shop with you, Meet says that is so great, where are we going.

Babita says to Ragini I am not going shopping after meeting such a weird annoying girl, Ragini says its important I have to work here for other arrangements and have change our appointment for some girl, Babita says you are right, I over reacted, Ragini says okay, I will call Meet too, he had to go alone to select ring, Babita says call him in studio.

Anubha, Meet, Manu shopping, Manu gets call from Kunal, Manu says I will check other side you check here. Manu walks aside and says I have to make him so desperate that when I ask him to run away with me he doesn’t say no.
Kunal sees goons again and they chase him. Meet calls Manu to see whichever she like, Manu whispers Meet this is not good lets go down, Anubha says its expensive no, Meet says we will have to manage budget, Manu gets upset and starts cribbing I want it from downstairs or I don’t want.

Manu goes downstairs and starts looking at collection and loves it, Kunal rushes in same shop, Manu sees him and hides says if he sees me with Meet and Mom he will find that we are poor middleclass. Manu hides behind dress and goes upstairs, Meet asks who did you see that you ran up, Manu says nothing let’s go.

Kunal sees Meet Ahlawat, Kunal says hi bro, Meet Ahlawat why are you here, may be for your girlfriend, Kunal says yes, Babita sees Kunal, Kunal greets her, Masoom hugs him. Babita says your uncle misses you a lot, he would be so happy if he would see you, dont you feel like visiting us, Kunal says Mami you know how much I miss you a but Dad after Mom’s death is very disturbed, Meet Ahlawat says we could meet him now because of his girlfriend, Masoom says thats nice, when can we meet her, Kunal says soon, Babita says now come join us shop for Meet Ahlawat and forces him to join.

Manu says I want this dress, how do I look, Meet says I don’t understand all this ask Mummy, Anubha says it is pretty how much, Seller says 1,20,000, but you can’t buy this, Manu says how can you judge us, She says no Maam its already sold. Meet says Manu get something that suits you and you look Pretty and not based on price, Manu starts thinking how can she get dress she selected and reads a note that says damaged good by customer will be sold to them, and says idea and selects a random dress says lets go fitting, Meet says she keeps changing so quickly, she liked this dress, Manu says I realised what Mummy said now lets go quickly.

Meet Ahlawat seeing dress with Babita, Babita says its just 1,90,000 get something more expensive. Kunal gets call from Loan people, he ignores, Meet Ahlawat says pick up, Kunal says okay I will go attend and come back.Meet and Manu go fitting section, a waiter carrying sandwich, Manu pushes Meet and chatni falls on dress liked by Manu, Seller scolds Meet, Manu says oh god Meet, Meet says I will pay for dry clean, Seller shows her policy and says you have to buy it now. Anubha says we can’t afford, Meet calms Anubha and says I will manage.

Meet discussing with saleswoman, Masoom walks to her and yells her because she spoiled her dress, Meet says it was accident, and its just a chatni if you agree I will clean and deliver it to you, Masoom says you middle class people, my servant’s have better standard than yours, Meet puts her finger down and says don’t cross line, I am talking to you respectfully, Anubha sees Masoom and says hi, Babita walks to them, Manu takes Babita’s blessings, Babita sees Meet and gets angry. Meet thinks god I have made so much blunder.

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Meet 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet Ahlawat and Meet debate on who is beautiful Moonshine kr Manushi.

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