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Meet 16th November 2022 Neelu eating apple in her hospital bed. Barfi open door and thinks this is Laila I have to find out where did she hid Meet Ahlawat.
Meet in hospital remember Masum tell Raj about Neelu’s hospital room. She rush towards room no. 15.

Barfi walks to Laila thinks she is so ill that 24 hours Laila everytime. Barfi says I helped you Laila about Meet because of that you run away with Meet Ahlawat, this is clear you can trust me so tell where did you Meet Ahlawat, request you to tell me. Laila try to choke her says if next time you ask me about him I’ll kill you.

Meet in corridor looking for room no.15, she finds it and dee Barfi sitting there tensed. Meet thinks if Barfi is here then where is Neelu.

Laila partner in crime tell her how much he loves Laila and tell her about how much risk he took for her love.
Meet in corridor looking for Neelu.
Laila says you love me that’s why you took the risk, the person who love Laila can die, you just did a small work for me as work will increase your reward will increase. Meet see Neelu standing at the edge of corridor, she looks at her says who is she talking to.

Laila ask him about injection. He says listen one time before using, you cannot get this injection without permission and remember overdosing this injection can kill someone. Laila take the injection and leave. Meet turn because of a person and see she is gone. Meet follow her. Laila walks in room where Meet Ahlawat is on bed. Meet from outside thinks this is burn department why did she come here, she must be hiding him here, only 6 patients are admitted in this room I have to find information about them.

Meet walks to doctor says my husband is been kidnapped and I think he is kept hostage in burn department please let me check.

Laila walking towards Meet Ahlawat, she see everyones face is hidden.

Doctor says to Meet everyone in that ward is in critical situation. Meet says I understand but I need to check. Doctor says we have some rules and come with proper permission with police. Meet try to convince him and says you can come with me for checking.

Laila load the injection says you have pride in your love, you think nobody can seprate you two, but you are fool it’s Laila’s love and Meet Ahlawat won’t remember about Meet at all.

Doctor says you can come with me and ask nurse to bring all the files. Meet and Doctor walking towards burn ward.

Laila inject Meet Ahlawat says I’m so sorry. Meet, Nurse and Doctor open door and see burn ward is empty at all. Meet says when I was here in room and ask about patient information on perticular bed. Doctor says according to file bed is empty, we only had 5 patient. Meet says I remember there were 6. Doctor says according to record it’s empty. Meet thinks when I came and see there were 6 patient so this could be Meet Ahlawat but Laila removed him from here before we could come.

Laila remember seeing Meet outside room so she hid him somewhere else.

Meet thinks Neelu is smart then I thought and remember her actions, today I’ll catch her and ask what she want.

Meet see Neelu at reception, she walks to her. Neelu ask what are you doing here, why everyone is saying at home that you kidnapped Meet Ahlawat. Meet says I saw you walking towards burn ward and you took him from there, so tell me truth where is he. Neelu says you saw me in burm ward, I don’t know I must be lost but why are you accusing me. Meet says stop lying and tell me truth.

Goon taking Meet Ahlawat on wheel chair. Barfi walks to Meet and Neelu. Goon take away Meet Ahlawat. Barfi ask Neelu what are you doing here go in your room and rest. She walks away. Barfi says to Meet, Babita ask you not be near around Neelu, how did you come here. Meet says important thing is where is Meet Ahlawat. Barfi says stop with your rubbish and go from here.

Meet says whatever Neelu is doing is very bad and if you are supporting her then you are also in big trouble. Barfi says go or else I’ll call Babita and tell everything, she will bring police and they will take you with them. Barfi bring out her phone to call Babita. Meet walks out of hospital. Barfi says Meet being here looking for Meet Ahlawat, there is possibility Laila has hidden Meet Ahlawat here, if it’s true then she will come back for Meet Ahlawat and everyone will know about Laila, I have stay here and stop this from happening.

Meet says I won’t leave until I find Meet Ahlawat, she looks at her timer.


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