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Meet 16th May 2022 Meet Ahlawat in car thinking about how to get out dad out of jail and se dad sitting beside him says that how can you go and ask for help from a person because of who we are in lot of trouble, will you beg him this means you are ready to get humiliated. Meet Ahlawat ask then how will I help you.

Raj says don’t need to compromise your self respect, I’m strong and can handle anything but if you take these steps then I’ll break and Meet Ahlawat come out of his imagination, he gets out of his car and walks inside Mansion.

Everyone in hall at dinner table. Meet Ahlawat guve juice to mom and says you should have something and dad must have had something till now, you know dad ask me to take care of you atleast drink this juice for dad.

Babita drink juice and ask everyone else to have dinner, I know you all must be hungry because of me. Everyone sit. Meet Ahlawat says don’t mom dad will be back and everything will be back to normal. Meet Ahlawat serve food. Meet seeing him from distance and smile. Meet Ahlawat give plate to Meet.

Meet says if we work together everything will be fine and give a bite to Babita from her hands and says don’t worry I’ll bring Dad out of jail. Duggu ask Meet to have dinner with them. Meet come out of her imagination, she try to sit but Sunaina says this chair is for Meet bhaiya, Masum take plate from ger hand.

Meet try to take fruits but Masum takes everything from Meet. Hoshiyar says to Masum atleast let her eat food. Masum says don’t forget you live in my house if you need food then stop supporting her and says look at Meet she trying to have dinner with us after sending Dad to jail, are you thinking that you are part if this fami, is definately not you have lost all the respect from this house.

Meet takes Masum’s plate. Masum complaint to Meet Ahlawat. Meet rakes the plate and sit beside Meet Ahlawat and ask him why are you staring at me, you took oath to take care of my in any condition while we were getting married and says to Masum how much I know him he don’t break promise so let’s settle down and have dinner. Hoshiyar pass his plate to Masum and ask her to eat.

Meet in study room trying to find a clue, she finds a safe and says there must be something inside this lock which may help Dad to come out of jail. Meet Ahlawat stops Meet from opening safe. Meet says I’m investigating.

Meet Ahlawat says without warrent you are not allowed to investigate. Meet says police requires warrant but here a daughter is trying to save her father and after all evidence don’t know is police finding her or a daughter so let me look who is the real culprit dad trying to hide. Meet Ahlawat hold her hand to take her out but she make him sit on chair and handcuffs him.

Meet Ahlawat ask how did you do. Meet says ame way you did to me in Isha’s marriage. Meet Ahlawat says my other hand is free. She tie her other hand too with curtain. Meet Ahlawat get’s angry says open me. Meet says I don’t feel good to tie you like this, I know you will not help me in my work so stay here. Meet Ahlawat says you know I can shout and calls mom. Meet put cloth in his mouth and tape his mouth says let me do my work and sit quiet, Meet walks to safe and thinks how should I open.

Meet Ahlawat laughing at her. Meet walks to him and ask what happen am I doing a comedy show. Meet Ahlawat tease her because of digital lock. Meet ask him Babitas birth date. Meet Ahlawat says 14 and shouts. Meet tape his mouth one kore time and puts birth day if Raj and Babita and there anniversary date too.

Safe get’s unlock and she finds a jewellery in safe. Meet thinks how is this here, we buried it in garden and remember Babita telling that Raj always make two jewellery same to same for Ram and same way I too do it for my kids. Meet walsk out of room. Meet Ahlawat struggling to free himself.

Ram in his room sitting. Meet walks to him and try that bracelet at his hands and says it doesn’t fit as if it’s of Raj and try other bracelet at his hands, it fits well and says this bracelet is yours, Raj saved you this means you are the murderer of my father, she sits and ask him why did you kill my father, tell me why you do this, forget my father but what about Raj, he is your brother, he loved you so much then how did you allow him to take accuse himself for your crime,

why aren’t you answering, you know when someone sacrifice for his relation he becomes one step close to being god and Raj has become one and when someone cheats he get a step closer to hell, you must be thinking how can I prove with two bracelet in court but remember god also judges everyone and when he will accuse you, you have to accept your crime and start walking away. Ram stops her and says your father was killed by me and joins his hand infront of Meet to apologise.


Meet 17th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet thinks how Abhay Rana was quite for so many years to save Ram, if Ram fire the bullet then why Mamaji is quite and why did he want Isha to get married to Shanty I need to find out truth.Meet hits Tej wit gun on his head and says sorry but I have to do this to save Dad because of this Dad will out of jail in next 24 hrs.

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Telecast Date:16th May 2022
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