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Meet 15th September 2021 Meet Ahlawat and Meet start batting again, Other teams captain thinks of hurting Meet to break their partnership, Meet Ahlawat sees captain about to hit her, rushes to her and saves her and falls down, Meet asks him is he fine and yells at the captain, Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry today we together win this trophy, Meet says your hand is injured and ties hanky on his hand and gets in argument with captain, Meet Ahlawat says they will disqualify you if you hit him, and your anger channelize it in defeating him, Meet says to captain today you will learn about my fathers teaching that defeat with dignity is better than winning by cheating.

Umpire asks Meet Ahlawat to take rest, because his left hand is injured, Meet Ahlawat says to Meet that she can handle it and goes back to pavilion.Manu waiting for Meet Ahlawat and cribs about it, Anubha says stop cribbing you give him a call. Anubha gets worried about Meet and says she hasn’t eaten anything and also had fever, Manu says don’t worry relax I know she will be fine.

Meet Ahlawat in his car thinks of Meet’s struggle and prays for her. Meet starts batting, Meet still on ground but team is down with 9 wickets and its last ball and 3 runs. Meet prays and takes stance. Manu gets angry on Meet Ahlawat on not coming to pick her. Anubha calms her down and says he must be busy. Manu thinks he is going to make me his life partner and I am not his priority, and gets call by Kunal and says look at him he always gives me time even after being so rich so I have made my decision about who I will marry and that lucky guy is not Ahlawat.

Meet hits the ball and runs, she faints on her 3rd run, she remembers about Manu crying and Amajis challenge, Meet says just 3 rums I have to. Other team has miss fielding, Meet picks herself and completes the run, umpire announces Meet’s team as winner. Meet smiles.

Meet Ahlawat visits Manu, Amaji welcomes him in, Anubha gets him water. Meet Ahlawat Apologise for delay, Meet Ahlawat says lets go select ring, Manu says I can’t come.
Raj chief guest of match, Meet happy to see him, Raj hands her 2 lakh cheque and trophy and congratulate her and says this time its Player of the match and gives cheque to Meet. Raj says I have one more cheque specially for Meet she played so well.

Anubha asks Manu whats wrong, Manu says I am feeling dizzy and has headache and I like Meet Ahlawat choice, Amaji says she has headache, give him size and he will get it. Manu says I will get size right away.Manu goes to room and says let me give Meets ring to Meet Ahlawat because I don’t want to marry him and also Meet’s kundali matches his.

Meet denies to accept cheque, and says you have done so much for me, I cant accept this money,your blessings and winning cheque is enough for me. Raj says God Bless you and I feel so happy meeting you, you always prove me wrong, and impress me so much, Raj sees Meet is pale and asks is she fine. Meet says yes I am. Raj asks you are so small how do you manage that, Meet says its for my family so I always think I can do more, Raj says may God bless you.Manu hands Meet Ahlawat ring, Meet Ahlawat gives Shagun and wedding card. Anubha says its very pretty. Meet Ahlawat says its for Manushi’s sister. Amaji says she is not real sister. Manu goes to leaves Meet Ahlawat.

Anubha scolds Amaji for treating Meet so wrong, Amaji says I know this Meet is no good, Anubha says Meet saved us always, enough of this, I have two daughters, Amaji says okay then go tell Meet Ahlawat and insult us and cancel this marriage, me and Manu don’t want to regret, and for me Meet doesn’t exist and leaves. Anubha says my Meet works so hard but she is always blamed.

Meet celebrating in colony, Babita on the way gets annoyed by celebration and gets down. Meet gets call from Meet Ahlawat, she makes him hear the celebration, Meet Ahlawat happy. Babita walks ti Meet and snatched her phone and disconnect it. Meet asks whats wrong, Babita says are you a girl, her friend’s says yes she is, Babita yells at everyone and asks them to stop they have to go. Babita says haven’t your mother taught you anything, a girl dressing this way and with boys, if I had a girl like you, I would never allow. Meet stops celebration.

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