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Meet 14th September 2022 Raj and Meet enter house with Ganpati idol. Meet holding idol in her hand walks inside but she stumble. Meet Ahlawat grab Meet and save idol from falling. Barfi says if you have saved the idol so let’s get in.

Meet says him what are you doing when you are already holding idol so let’s go in and ask Barfi you won’t be having any problem if we celebrate together. Barfi says I don’t have problem so let’s celebrate together.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet walk in together holding idol. Raj thinks I know you won’t let this family be seprated for long time and this is best time for celebrating.

Everyone praying. Sunaina walks to Babita says the feeling is so good everyone is together because of festival and praying together. Pandit ask everyone to come forward in couple and do aarti. Raj and Babita start aarti,

followed by Sunaina. Sunaina give thali to Meet Ahlawat, Meet and Neelu forward there hand to hold thali again. Meet apologie and take her hand back. Raj says no you will do aarti because still you are his wife, right now you have just submitted divorce papers in court and nobody will say a word because you decided to bring ganpati to home so that’s why you will do aarti. Neelu take her hand back.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet perform aarti together. Meet thinks I’m sure how sad we both are but he won’t do something cunning to me. Meet give ladoo to him and walks toward Raj. She thinks according to Aakash,

dad came to office on his regular time, it’s not possible he would have touched it, sho looks at Babita says one time she came to office but it’s not possible she would do something like this. Meet walks to Ram thinks he was busy with clients all the time, Ragini and Isha never came to office.

She walks to Sunaina thinks she just went to Tej’s office and went back. Meet walks to Neelu and Barfi for giving prashad says Neelu come to office daily there are chances Barfi could have taught her something but she don’t have guts to steal something. Meet thinks Barfi come to office two time one when Raj was there and other day too what was her reason to visit.

Meet keeps the thali and start walking away. Barfi hold her hand says you should also eat prashad, everytime you avoided having sweet from my hand but today I can do it, I like your idea how you decided to celebrate with whole family after separation but this is also true if you wouldn’t be here nothing could have been done here. Meet says always same old words for first time say something new.

Barfi says why don’t you and Neelu have an competition of making 101 ladoo in 30 minutes, if you make ladoo in time we all will do pooja together in evening and if you fail to make you won’t be joining us in evening for pooja, tell me do you agree. Raj says what nonsense competition is this.

Meet says don’t worry I’m ready for competition and says to Barfi I accept it. Barfi says okay then it’s decided and let’s start the competition. Barfi thinks this way I can stall her for looking thief.

Meet and Neelu in kitchen making ladoo. Neelu says you did a mistake after says yes for this competition, I made ladoo for whole village alone, you cannot win. Meet says I know your mother very well but I accepted challenge so won’t step back and thinks I need to search Barfi’s room soon there are chances she is wasting my time.

Barfi in her room looks at Deep’s photo says I was missing you a lot today everything feels empty without you. She look at his belongings keep back and close the cupboard.

Neelu finish making ladoo and walks out. Meet thinks help me Ganeshji.

Barfi walks downstairs and see Meet keeping thali infront of Ganeshji. Barfi looks at Neelu says you accepted defeat I know you are no match to anyone in cooking and these were only ladoo, why did you accept defeat. Neelu says I never accepted defeat I was done before time but aa soon as I came out of kitchen with my thali, Duggu stumble into me and I dropped my thali.

Raj says to Barfi, Meet won thw competition and now things will happen what she wants correct. Barfi says yes sure. Meet says to Neelu don’t feel disheartened we both will go to nearby orphanage and distribute ladoo to there. Neelu feels good after hearing. Meet says Barfi your bet are always one sided since I won today so it’s your time to pay,

no need to worry I would ask you serve Ganeshji, me and Neelu made the ladoo you can wash the dishes. Barfi says you want me to wash these utensils. Meet says I’m asking you do things in name of god so I think you won’t be having any problem. Meet thinks this is the chance to search her room.


Meet 15th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet says to Raj, Meet Ahlawat keep lockers key in his coat and only we both know about it and now thief also know this, we have to test everyone. Tomorrow I’ll give thos coat to everyone in a game and thiefs hand will go automatically to check if key’s are there or not.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2022
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