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Meet 14th September 2021 Anubha asks Manu where did the necklace come from, Manu says its imitation jewellery and not real, Meet looks at it and says looks so real, Manu says you are so innocent but I wish this was real but you know we are so poor, Anubha says it looks real, Manu says she doesn’t know anything so don’t focus on Meet, Ammaji says why wear fake jewellery wear some from your mother’s, Manu says Dadi,

dont you remember how much Masoom taunt me last time, so I wore this after all I have to save our families reputation too, and my family is going to send me empty handed so they will taunt me so much, Meet says I am going to win the cricket match, so that my sister could have new jewellery, Manu says okay so latest jewellery, Manu then says no let it be, I will manage, Anubha says you are not doing well Meet, Meet says I am all good just need your blessings, Anubha says what about this fast. Manu says Meet, Mom is right take rest, I will adjust.

Meet Ahlawat whispers his father not to play around with Mom and tell truth, Raj says I went to get Matka Kulfi, Masoom says there is surely some story behind it. Raj says I always found excuses to meet your mother before wedding and then found Babita loves Kulfi and it always works, her anger melts quickly. Meet Ahlawat says Mom Dad you are my ideal couple how do you bring this love even after difference, Babita and Raj say trust, love, loyalty and faith. Meet Ahlawat thinks I promise Moon Shine to give you a this.

Ammaji says Meet will be fine and she wants to follow responsibility so let me see what she can do, Meet says I will do everything will fast for my sister and also win Cricket match and get her Jewellery, Anubha gives Meet blessings.

Meet in cricket match, which is being live telecasted. Meet’s team is short of one number and she also feels dizzy, her friends give her water, Meet denies and says we have to focus on team, Meet hears announcement last tournament man of match is here, Meet Ahlawat and he is surrounded by his fans. Meet runs to Meet Ahlawat and says I will ask him for help and says hello look behind I have participated in the match and need a player, please help us, I request you. Meet Ahlawat turns around, both surprised seeing eachother, Meet says you are man of match, name and passion both same. Meet Ahlawat says I gave you the idea, Meet says I need your help, Meet Ahlawat says I have to go meety fiance. Organiser ask Meet and team to assemble or they will be disqualified.

Manu gets call from Kunal, Manu picks call and starts acting says Dadi don’t cut my Kunal’s call I cant live without him, and disconnect the call. Kunal says I gifted her diamond set but see still she has new nonsense
Manu send voice note, that Kunal please wait for sometime and then I will soon say Kunal come let’s run away.

Meet and team walk in the ground, other team makes fun of them and says she is a girl and we are going to be made fun of for playing match, Meet says accept that you are scared of playing with me. Other team captain says get ready to loose. Meet Ahlawat comes from behind, Meet turns around and smiles seeing him wearing her teams jersey.
( Meet Ahlawat about to leave, Meet says I need this money for my sisters wedding, and so please help and you can meet your fiance later, Meet Ahlawat agrees).
Meet Ahlawat says to other team captain, lets play and then decide who wins.
Other team captain wins toss and choose batting.

Match begins, Meets team gets first wicket, Meet Ahlawat bowling gets another wicket. Meet’s bowling, Captain plays well in her over, Meet Ahlawat gives her an idea, to spin the ball. Meet agrees and she gets a wicket. Other teams captain gets angry on getting bowled by Meet. Meet starts feeling dizzy, her friends ask her is she fine, Meet Ahlawat sees her. Meet Ahlawat about to grab the bowl sees Meet about to faint and goes catches her. Meet gets up and says why did you come to me and let its bea 4, Meet Ahlawat says are you mad to do this, you haven’t had water, Meet says this is very important for me, Meet Ahlawat says you asked me for help, I am not here to listen to your nonsense.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat lets focus on winning, Meet Ahlawat says it was better if I would go see Moonshine and not here. Meet and Meet Ahlawat gets on field to bat. Girls cheer for Meet Ahlawat, Meet Ahlawat says I love you too to his fans,Meet says focus on game, Meet Ahlawat says are you jealous, Meet says lets playm Game begins Meet Ahlawat and Meet bat together. Bowler hits Meet Ahlawat head, Meet rushes to him and asks if he is alright, Meet Ahlawat says he is fine and gets on field, he sees other teams captain about to do something to Meet to break their partnership.

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Meet 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Meet’s team celebrating their win, Babita asks them to stop, she and Meet gets in an argument.Masoom at Hooda’s insult Meet, Anubha says she is not at fault, Babita and Masoom ask her why is she taking their side.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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