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Meet 14th July 2022 Everyone in hall. Babita says when everyone is here so let’s talk about kids. Barfi Devi says first I have to talk to my pandit then we can talk about relation. Everyone confused about Pandit. Barfi devi says yes he is well known person he know about robbery and till now he must be having information about the girl, you may feel bad but your daughter is bad omen,

she left her husband and sitting here, if she gets married to my son then bad omen will come to me too and I only have to find the solution, if you want I’ll talk to pandit or else I’ll leave. Babita says talk to your pandit.

Barfi Devi calls Pandit and ask him about the solution. Pandit says loosing your gold when going to talk for relationship us a bad omen, the solution is if you get double the gold you lost from in law’s then you can be free from bad omen. Barkhi devi says this is not good. Pandit says this is the only solution.

Barkhi says okay hungup I’ll see. Ragini thinks I’ll give these bangle for solution for time being. Manjari says to Devi pandit told the solution when there is a bad omen what if nothing has happened. Barkhi askw ho are you.

Manjari stumble into table and sweets fell down. Manjari pick them up and keep it on table says I’m Manjari from Baroda. Barfi ask what do you want to say. Manjari ask her about her jewellery and tell information about her necklace. Barfi ask how do you know about necklace. Manjari says I found same kind of necklace when I was in market and I think it’s your and if it’s yours you can take it.

Barkhi says bring that necklace I’ll see. Meet Ahlawat thinks how Manjari got her necklace. Barfi thinks of her cunning move to earn money, let’s see what necklace she got. Manjari shoe her necklace.

Barkhi says this looks like mine and ask her to show, she see the necklace says do you think me ediot it’s fake and throw it. Manjari says yes it’s same like your story. Ragini ask what do you mean. Manjari says she told us that someone stole her necklace while she was on her way and in news they are telling the report about the way that it’s close due to rainfall and people have to detour to come to Chandigarh and if this is right then she must have also followed the same path and then how could someone steal her necklace. Meet Ahlawat ask her are you sure. Manjari says you can check on internet.

Barfi says I accept that It was my mistake for telling the right path but why is this girl questioning me a lot and you all will just listen. She says to Manjari this is what your parents taught you, how to behave with elder or you parents were like you. Ram says to Barfi I apologise on her behalf .

Barfi stop him and ask Manjari who are you, my son never told em about you what is your relation with this house and ask everyone who she is. Meet Ahlawat says she is nothing, her face matches my wife’s face that’s why she is here, my wife left my family, my dad was attached to my wufe but when she left my dad’s condition got worst that’s why she is here so that dad recover soon.

Barfi says so she is rented wife and says to everyone in my house we talk about relation to family members not outsiders so we will talk further when will leave the house. Masum walks to Manjari says you are extremely thick skin so atleast for Isha go from here today. Babita ask to Masum this is not how you talk to people and ask Manjari to leave for sometime.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Manjari hold her hand and take her away. Manjari says to him stop taking out excuses to touch me or else I’ll leave from here. Meet Ahlawat says you have no right to come in between go in your room. Manjari says I won’t go, she is making you fool and you are say yes to her for everything.

Meet Ahlawat says we will handle. Manjari says dad promised me to stay here. Meet Ahlawat says he promised to his daughter in law not Manjari and you are still here, don’t you realise she is having problem from you.

Manjari says she is having problem because I’m proving her wrong. Meet Ahlawat says listen to me carefully you are not real daughter in law of this house so stop making relation and go in your room. Manjari says for dad I’m real and he asked me to stay with everyone and she is lier she is wrong.

Barfi says to everyone so in your house you keep rented people, I’m going to be your new relative and she called me liar infront of everyone, you all were just looking it’s better I should leave. Barfi throw the sweet box infront of everyone and start leaving.

Ragini and Ram beg her to stop. Barfi says she called me liar infront of everyone, it’s my fault that I came here for my son relation. Ragini stop her say listen to me, she give her bangles says take them it’s more costly then your necklace, this will serve as solution given by your pandit and will erase bad omen too, my Isha love Deep a lot. Barfi says I can understand your pain because I’m also a mom that’s why I came to your house for my Deep’s relation,

I know everything go away after marriage and after that he will be having responsibility of everything, kids your daughter etc, I have made my son capable enough many people are in pipeline to get there daughter marry to Deep and ready to give car, land and there daughter are beautiful,

so give me one reason my son should marry your daughter. Ram says we can give you anything what you want please accept this relation. Barfi thinks seeing other people helpless make me feel happy and fun is when you beg you and give you costly gift. Barfi says to them listen truth is that I don’t like your daughter but still I’ll think on your offer. Ragini ask her to take bangle. Barfi take them says I’ll talk to my pandit and get the information, now rest we will talk later.

Deep walks to them says here are your medicine and ask her why are you out let’s go inside. Barfi says we already talked what we want now we can go. Deep says to his mom let me go and meet Isha when I’m here already. Barfi says you ah e already seen her a lot now we will meet only after marriage and ask him to go. Beoth if them. Ragini says to Ram now everything will be fine.

Meet Ahlawat, Babita and Manjari in Raj’s room. Raj ask what happen everything went fine, why didn’t you bring sweet. Ram bring sweet for Raj says she accepted Isha and distribute sweet to everyone. Raj says finally Isha and Deep will get married and he congratulate everyone.

Ragini says Barfi told she will talk to her pandit for future ritual. Raj says we have to also talk to Guruji and says to Meet Ahlawat since my daughter has come to house everything is going fine and now all the pending work will finish, Raj put Meet Ahlawat and Manjari hands in eachother and says just hold eachother hands always like this.

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