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Meet 12th October 2021 Meet in veil dashes a table. Meet Ahlawat stop her and says what nonsense is that, what if you break anything. Meet says what if my face break, you have problem with face that’s why I was hiding it. Meet Ahlawat says dont cover your face or else you will break everything in house.

Meet says go and look after your mother and stop fighting with em, first you went to bring doctor but now can ask about her health. Meet Ahlawat says what I’ll ask her everything is happening here because of me and she is getting humiliated because of that. Meet says humiliation is just dirt in strangers mind which they spread anywhere they want and at this time family member love can reduce all the pain ever person has its own identity, if someone days anything your identity won’t change, who ever insulted your mom has lost there reputation because you were able to see there real faces.

Meet Ahlawat says its easy to give lecture only I can understand what I’m facing and how much my mom is facing pain. Meet says if you can feel that then be with her and make her feel secure. Meet Ahlawat go, Meet says listen do smile she will make her happy and won’t make you poor.

Meet Ahlawat sees Masum with mom. Meet Ahlawat remembers Meet words about smile and he walks to Babita cheerfully and says thank god you are all fine. Masum and what about her emotions you forgot to count that didn’t you see what happen downstairs she is hurt, is body functions everything what about emotional damage. Babita gets up says from now on I’ll not be able to face anyone in social circle.

Meet Ahlawat remember what Meet said to him about identity and says mom tell me one thing every human has its own identity if someone blame does his identity changes.
Raj walks to Meet nad taps her shoulder. Meet Ahlawat says everything what Meet said to him and says those people dosent deserve your friendship says mom you are The Babita Ahlawat successful designer and world’s best mom, you have family who will not ket anything happen to you and a son who throws his life on you and kiss Babita on forehead. Masum says to Babita I’ll be back and go.

Babita says to Meet Ahlawat I feel good now I’ll change. Raj walks to Meet Ahlawat and says after seeing you today it seems you have change your way of looking things in life, the way you cheer up your mom with maturity felt good one time I thought its not you its someone else. Meet Ahlawat says I didn’t understood. Raj says you will.

Kunal hiding under bedsheets and talking on phone and says I am leaving for delivery dont worry. Manushi asks who are you talking to, Kunal says Aunty, but Dad came so she disconnected. Kunal says Manushi you looking so pretty, Manu says I know that but who is going to appreciate my dress and make up, Kunal says I am appreciating, Manushi says I am talking about all your relatives,

Kunal says all will meet you soon and compliment you because you are so pretty just a little patience, and now I have some work so will come back, Manushi says I am coming too, lets chill at cafe even I will feel a little fresh. Kunal says okay and Manushi goes get hee phone. Kunal thinks God how do I tell her my important packet is in Meet Ahlawat’s car and before anyone sees it I need to get it and can’t upset her too or else will lose this rich girl.Manushi says what are you thinking, Kunal says I am thinking where should I take you now, as its our first date as married couple.

Ragini with Meet says these rituals needed to be done after wedding right away but no worries will do it now, Anubha calls Ragini, Ragini gives to Meet, Anubha asks how is she and what is happening, Meet says all well and we will do rituals now. Anubha asks what happened, is Meet Ahlawat still upset and what about your mother in law, Meet says we are playing games so all is well or else even you will have BP and where is Dadi,

is she upset with me, Anubha says all good instead she is happy and you focus on your new relation, its your reception too tonight, Meet says you two coming right, Anubha says Dadi is still unwell how can I leave her alone, but our blessings are with you bye now. Ragini says Meet whenever you miss your mother you can go see her.

Raj and Babita walk to everyone for rituals, Hoshiyar gets Meet Ahlawat, Ragini says lets have a competition now, lets see who wins, Guddu says I am in Ustad Mami team, Hoshiyar says me too. Ragini says there will be Kangna Khulai Rasam, but bangle, Masoom says Manushi might have it and ran away too. Raj says give it now. Ragini says we need someone from her parents, Sunaina says I will do it, she is like my little sister,

Sunaina ties a bracelet on Meet’s hand. Ragini says use one hand open it cmon. Meet wins, everyone starts getting confused between Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Raj says let’s call her Kamal Meet, Guddu asks and what about Mama, Meet says Toduram, Meet Ahlawat says call her Hatodi.

Ragini says next ritual, find ring from this pot. Meet and Meet Ahlawat challenge eachother, Meet thinks god because of my sister he has lost his smile, how can I bring smile on his face and says here I found the ring have it and smile a bit, Meet Ahlawat says I don’t want your favour, Meet shows everyone ring, Ragini says good she won again, now Meet Ahlawat put ring on her finger. Meet Ahlawat does so. Ragini and Sunaina say very pretty, Meet Ahlawat sees Meet written on her hand and remember writing on Manushi’s hand and this means both sisters planned this together.

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