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Meet 12th July 2022 Babita says to Meet Ahlawat and Manjari, Deep’s mother said yes for Isha. Manjari get’s excited and start dancing and soon realise she came out of her character and says I’ll go and meet Isha. Meet Ahlawat also walk away.

Ragini asking Isha to wear a dress. Isah throwing tantrums. Sunaina says to Ragini don’t worry she will look good in everything and ask Isha to try a dress. Isha says no I don’t like these dresses.

Ram and Tej discussing to not to enter between girls drama. Manjari walks downstairs and congratulate Isha. Meet Ahlawat also congratulate her. Manjari says let’s fix the date soon so that I can also be part of marriage and have fun.

Meet Ahlawat says this happiness is related to my family and why are you happy, you are Manjari. Manjari mocks him. Popat keep three dresses and says let’s see which one she will love to wear, I already placed a bet on one dress.

Meet Ahlawat suggest one dress to Isha. Isha apologies to everyone and says I won’t wear any of these dresses, but I have decided to wear saree so that she is impressed. Ragini says okay do as you like. Manjari says to Isha I’m not impressed with your decision, who said a saree wearing girl is cultured and wearing a morden dress is uncultured,

judging a girl on her dress is disrespect, you can wear what you want but don’t talk wrong, you are like my young sister I can handle any tantrums but don’t talk wrong. Meet Ahlawat thinks I believe she is same girl.

Manjari looking for Popat so that she can hair her oil. Babita in hall says come I’ll put oil, after all you called me your mom so least I can do for you and let me do I’ll feel good. Manjari says no it’s okay and talk about her son.

Babita says don’t worry I’ll oil your hairs. Babita oiling her hairs and talking about Meet to Manjari, she tell her everything about Meet and says I realised too late about Meet, my one bad decision separated my family. Masum walks in says to Babita this doesn’t mean you will tell everything to an unknown person.

Babita says I was talking casually. Masum says you were talking about Meet purposely to a person who looks like her and who betrayed Meet Ahlawat and why are we discussing our family matters, she is here for dad when he will be fine there will be no place for her in this house.

Manjari says to Masum don’t point your finger at me and why are you talking rubbish about me, do you have some problem in your mind like your brother. Masum try to slap her but Meet Ahlawat holds her hand. Meet Ahlawat says I brought her in house if you have any problem with her, do not raise your hands Manjari applauds says thanks for taking my side and says she is insulting me because you also behave same like her and says I’m here because of dad not for money and says I hate you

Mr. Ahlawat and says to Babita, I apologise but don’t feel like oiling my hair now and leave. Masum says to Meet Ahlawat whatever she said to you I don’t like but I think you deserve itand leave. Meet Ahlawat says to himself you hate me that you already told a year back in video but now I’ll show how much I hate you and will prove infront of everyone who are you.

Meet Ahlawat enter her room says now I’ll catch her red handed in her room. Popat knocks on door. Meet Ahlawat hide. Popat enter room and call Manjari. Manjari says you are doing too much now, atleast tell me if you are going to parlour. Popat says sorry for giving you tension and ask her to look at her face.

Manjari says look at my dress how do I look. Popat says wear anything you look beautiful. Meet Ahlawat hiding under the bed. Popat drinking alcohol and says I’m tiered, she lie down on bed and ask Manjari to massage her. Manjari says listen to me its only you who listens to me and make fun of her age.

Popat wake up and ask tell md what do you want to talk and I’m still young. Manjari says I’m scared because this drama won’t continue for long, it feel like I’m cheating them, when I see Raj I feel like hugging him, I cannot leave this family and whenever Meet Ahlawat come near to me I feel like saying, Manjari get scared after seeing a mouse. Meet Ahlawat also see and gets scared.

Isha says to Ragini I agree on what Manjari said no body should be judged on there clothes but mom I really want Deep’s mom says yes to our relation I cannot afford him loosing again. Ragini says I also want same that Deep’s mom leaves happy when so go from here because you getting married with Shanty was bad decision, you had to face a lot but not now, me and your father want you to live with Deep.

Meet Ahlawat, Manjari and Popat scared looking for mouse in room. Manjari says I think so it ran away. Meet Ahlawat ask but how did it enter the house. Manjari says you tell me how did it came. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t know my eyes are not CCTV camera. Manjari ask him what are you doing in my room tell me. Popat ask him tell what are you doing in our room, what were you thinking.

Meet Ahlawat says don’t take me wrong. Popat ask why do we believe you. Manjari says you were hiding under bed and I was on bed don’t know what all he must have seen and start crying. Meet Ahlawat says I’m not that kind of guy I’m very decent and infact I was facing other side when you kept your legs down.

Manjari start crying says you were seeing my legs and says we won’t stay here we will leave. Meet Ahlawat try to stop them and hold Popats hand. Popat ask him to leave her hand. Meet Ahlawat says please don’t take me wrong, he says to Manjari if not for me atleast wait for my dad because he is recovering now and happy. Manjari says everything is fine but what were you doing in my room.

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