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Meet 11th October 2021 Meet Ahlawat says to Meet come. Meet says I cannot I’m suffocating. Meet Ahlawat says I’m asking for my family. Meet puts on her duppata and goes and stumble says I cannot see. Meet Ahlawat says what are you doing bring your hand forward I’ll take you.

Meet Ahlawat takes her outside for function and make her sit. Babitas friend says Bride is here where is Babita. Other friend says she will come I takes time to get ready. Friend says I’m waiting to see bride’s face. Isa says to Ragini why is she covering her face. Ragini says don’t know.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat I’m suffocating can I remove Duppata. Meet Ahlawat says no need and if someone ask don’t remove it either. Friends say I’m not waiting anymore I’m gonna start ritual and walks toward them and asks Meet remove your duppata we want to see you. Meet nods her head. Friend says everyone is here to see your face come on remove. Meet Ahlawat says aunty she is feeling shy and this ritual can be done without removing duppata.

Friend says this family is different from world how can we complete ritual without seeing her face and try to remove her duppata but she hold duppata tightly. Friend says don’t feel bad but Babita brought rude bride. Ragini walks to Meet and says don’t be shy its ritual everyone came to see you please remove Duppata and whispers to her its ritual you have to show your face and its for the respect of Ahlawat’s family, don’t know what’s going in your head but this is ritual you have to remove.

Raj says to Babita if you take this dress as gracefully will give you happiness not humiliation many if my celebrity friends wear these dress and fell prod. Babita says its not about dress, why aren’t you trying to understand before this you use to get angry if something happens to me but today when everyone is gonna make fun of me you are not trying to see why I’m getting affected.

Meet says I’ll try to go to my room and but her duppata comes out. Babitas friend start laughing at her and says Babita brought boy for her and remember one time Babita said my daughter in law will be beautiful but she is nothing. Masum says they are insulting mom but I think so after this they will consider of having her in home or not. Friend insults Meet on her height.

Raj walks and says you all are our guest but didn’t gave you right to insult her however she looks but she is beautiful and accepted her and my son he also respect you that’s why not saying anything but you are insulting her in front of him. Friends says sorry to her and says we are not making fun on your bribe but we are making fun of Babita and her attitude, she gave us challange but she lost today, where is she in her room its time to come ritual is completed now she has to come and complete her bet.

Other friend says in club she keeps all the record now ask her to complete her bet in front of everyone. Babita says I’m here and walks down the stairs and says I’ll die but never say no to her challenge I’m complete my bet. Friend says you’ll dance on song of our choice. Raj says to Babita what are you doing but Babita push Raj. Music play and Babita start dancing. Babitas friend enjoying and puts a pot on her head.

Meet Ahlawat says to Meet my mom is been humiliated because if you in front of everyone I hate you. Masum says I cannot see her. Babita drops her pot on glass table. Meet catches Babita while she was going to fall on broken glass and save her. Everyone rushes to Babita. Raj asks Meet Ahlawat to take her to room and calls Doctor and ask him to visit fast.

Ragini bring juice for Babita and asks Raj how is she. Raj says she is felling good now and where is Meet. Ragini says he went to bring doctor personally. Raj asks where are Babita’s friend. Ragini says they left. Raj says to Ragini you know what is the special relation for human its friendship, a friend help in any situation guve support but Babita’s friend were laughing at her, these are not friend, they try to find an opening to insult and asks how’s bribe. Ragini says she us good. Raj says she left her home and came her but everyone made fun if her how must be she felling.

Masum holds Meet hand and says why do you want to go inside so that mom sees you and get more angry, make her sick aren’t you happen she got embarrassed now please leave her and go, Masum pushes Meet. Raj and Meet Ahlawat comes out of room and discussing about health of Babita,

Raj sees Meet and says to Meet Ahlawat you know why us she standing here because your sister scolded her but she didn’t left, she also got insulted but still here because she care for your mom want to knyhow is she, everyone insulted her today but none of them saw her inner beauty everyone even your mom’s friend were laughing at her appearance but she ignored everything and saved your mom but nobody notice she saved us big time, this outer beauty is not in our hands but inner beauty is in our hands, I challenge her inner beauty nobody is compare to her she is diamond, I know so many things are going in your head but give her one chance she deserves that much and walks away.

Meet walks away and remember waht Meet Ahlawat said to her and stand in front of mirror says face is the matter I’ll change this, picks up table cloth and start walking. Meet Ahlawat catches Meet when she was going to stumble in stool.


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