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Meet 11th July 2022 Meet Ahlawat sprinkle water at Manjaris face and ask her to wake up. Masum walks to her ask what happen Manjari are you okay. Meet Ahlawat says she was suffocating in green room because of smoke did you bring her here. Masum says yes I bring her. He askwho ask you to bring her.

Masum says she wanted to see shooting. Manjari says Masum is right. Masum ask her what happen everything was fine when I left. Manjari says smoke start coming out of AC and everything was covered in smoke.

Masum says wait I’ll call doctor. Manjari says no need I’m fine, I was out on time. Meet Ahlawat see someone hiding behind clothes, he walks there and drag Kunal out. Manushi walks out and says where are you taking him leave him. Masum thinks I ask them to walky away but they are still here.

Meet Ahlawat says anything happened here was because of you, don’t try to be innocent, if again I swe you two around Manjari then I won’t leave you. Kunal says talk with respect to Miss Mishi we were here for shooting not for nonsense.

Meet Ahlawat hold his finger says did I talk to you. Manjari see Manushi. Kunal and Manushi remembers there last encounter with Meet. Kunal get’s scared and talk to Manushi. Manushi ask him to shutup.

Manjari walks to Manushi and gets excited after seeing her, she praises her a lot and tell how she loved her last videos and hugs her. Meet Ahlawat ask Manjari to sit in car. Manjari says no you can go and sit in car and ask Manushi to take a selfie, they both walk away.

Masum thanks Meet Ahlawat for coming. Meet Ahlawat says I know how you and Manushi are linked to eachother, when I was in US I still know what was going on here. Masum says we have to do things to make place in market we have to hire a celible star just to be have professional relation.

Meet Ahlawat says just keep it professional don’t bring her home, I just brought Manjari to show shooting, you can go I’ll bring her. Meet Ahlawat says no I’ll take her with me and you make sure this won’t repeat again and ask Manjari to walk away and stop spending time with fake star. Manjari thanks Manushi and leave.

Isha ask Deep what happen why aren’t you coming in and not saying anything. Deep says I don’t know how to say. Isha says is that about mom, did you talk to her again and she said no to listen to you. Deep says that’s why I don’t know how to talk to her, she made be capable enough to do everything so it’s impossible to deny her.

Isha get’s emotional. Deep start laughing and says sorry and tell my mom is ready for our marriage. Isha get’s happy and says I can’t believe and how did you make her ready. Deep says I told my mom that you are perfect for me and even Ragini aunty also talk to my mom and now she is ready to come and meet you. Isha get’s happy and says I’ll do anything to mske your mom happy and now I learnt how to make tea.

Manjari and Meet Ahlawat in car. Manjari says to him I can do anything to meet Manushi I’m her big fan. Meet Ahlawat mocks Manjari. Manjari start talking about her. Meet Ahlawat start playing music but Manjar stops playing it. Meet Ahlawat ask what are you doing can’t I listen to music in my own car.

Manjari ask him to stop, he says no. Manjari says stop it or I’ll jump out. He says okay and stop the car, ask her what happen. Manjari says you always say you don’t have time and everything so how did you get time to reach shooting location and saved me, how did you know I was in danger. Meet Ahlawat says just be thankful and shutup. Hoshiyar calls Meet Ahlawat. Manjari pick his phone and put it on speaker.

Hoshiyar says is Manjari alright I know you must have saved her, I informed you as soon as I got to know about Manjari going for shooting and is the boy perfect who was keeping and eye on Manjari for now this much information is enough I’ll call you tomorrow and hungs up. Manjari says I came here to help you but you were spying on me, she gets angry and says I’m going back to my house.

Meet Ahlawat says you won’t go anywhere, listen to me I asked people to spy on you for your safety I don’t want to take any risk in your case that’s why I came personally to rescue you. Manjari ask really is that true, I don’t believe you but you said something sweet for the first time and this is all because my sweet jalebi made by me. Meet Ahlawat says because if you my dad is getting good so your safety is my priority till the time you finish your work. Manjari mocks him and ask him to drive again.

Manushi in her room looking at photos of Manjari and Meet. Kunal walks to her and ask what are you thinking is she Meet or Manjari. Manushi says I’m trying to see not think, she is Manjari who never missed a video of makeup look’s like she spend her time in looking good. Kunal says right but she could also be acting to just look like her.

Manushi says you are right but her acting was so much natural to differentiate we cannot relax tell the time we are not sure about her, only oje person onow my sister very well and that is Meet Ahlawat, he is not sure till now about her so how could we so keep your eyes and ear open because we are still in danger.

Raj in his room reading. Babita walks to him. Rajbask what happen is something special. Babita says a poem for Raj and says do you remember you proposed me today so thought that I should propose you and says Raj I Love You and give hik rose. Raj get’s happy says I promise you, I’ll love you till my last breath.

Raj and Babita were together. Meet Ahlawat and Manjari walks in but get’s awkward after seeing them together and says we will fome later. Raj says come in. Manjari walks to Babita and praises her for her look and says to Raj you don’t need my tea you want love from mom. Raj says I missed your these kind of nonsense and ask her sit with him. Manjari says it was time for medicine that’s why I came and Meet Ahlawat wants to meet you so we came inside together. Meet Ahlawat ask him how are you know.

Raj says I’m good and what Babita told me I feel much better after that. Babita says Deep mok said yes for Isha and she is coming here to meet everyone. Meet Ahlawat says that’s great news I’m very happy for them. Manjari days same me and start dancing. Meet Ahlawat thinks she came out of her character and start doing garba infront of Dad.

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