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Meet 10th September 2021 Meet drops Meet Ahlawat in cafe. Manu in that cafe with Kunal, Kunal says you are getting beautiful day by day, Manu says why did you call me, Kunal says I committed my baby and so I got you matching set, and hands her the stolen Necklace from Meet Ahlawat, Manu thinks oh my god its so expensive, I hope my heart doesn’t fail. Kunal asks whats wrong did you not like it, should I return, Manu says why will you, I liked ot, its just that the style is missing, so like on knees propose me, Kunal says offcourse baby. Kunal on knees proposes Manu, Kunal says say yes quickly all are watching, Manu blushing.

Meet Ahlawat offer Meet seat, Meet says sit down its fine, and sits by herself, Meet Ahlawat says my office couple is here, I don’t want them to sit with a girl, Meet says you are such a coward, Meet Ahlawat sits and says why do you keep calling me that, Meet says forget that, your girl must get so upset when you dont give her that necklace, Meet Ahlawat says all my savings was used for that and I dont like asking my parents for money, Meet says good to see you like this, see girls and diamond are best friends is always said, but that’s not true, and don’t think how a girl like me is giving you suggestions but I am expert so hear my tips.

Manu says baby I liked your gift but I take time to say yes, Kunal thinks if she would say no, I was dead. Manu thinks I am waiting for option 2 and his necklace.
Meet Ahlawat says your idea matches someone’s too, Meet says good so you have confirmation and thinks I have to now get to work. Meet says bye now, I have to go, Meet Ahlawat says even I want to give you something and shows her an Ad which reads that there is Cricket match and winner will get amount in lakhs, Meet Ahlawat says you play good cricket and this will help you earn, Meet happy takes a photo, and says you gave me solution to my problems, Meet Ahlawat smiles and leaves.

Isha telling everyone what she will wear on every function, and she is very excited, Ragini Chachi asks Masoom what will she wear, Masoom says not havent decided much have options will wear that, Babita says stop writing of free notepad just like your parents, Ragini says I cant waste things, Isha says Mom, aunty meant keep these things away and use tablet, we have technology, and aunty I have decided for Manushi Bhabhi, Babita says I have already decided what Manushi will wear, Masoom thinks internet wilp help me find Manushi’s week point and break this marriage.

Anubha asks what is Meet doing with cricket, Amaji says she is shameless, Meet says winner has 2 lakh price money and if man of match 1 lakh extra, and so cricket. Amaji says now see she is again acting like boy, Anubha says not a brother would think what Meet is doing, I am proud of her. Meet’s friend come in with their team, Meet says we are 6 and we will be called Shahbad Sikander and we need more players, her friends say don’t think about Gopal and family they arent available, Meet says these were trusted once what to do, Amaji says find some enemies you have so many, Meet says wow Dadi great idea, Anubha smiles.

Hoshiyar walks to Masoom and asks should he get something for her, Masoom says shut up, and says found it and says Manu just posted expensive coffee shop with their expensive coffee, how can she manage that, something is fishy but I will find it and leaves.

Manu in cafe and thinks how long should I wait for Meet Ahlawat, Kunal says I have to leave, you think and tell me but give me a small kiss, Manu about to Kiss sees Masoom and says Kunal go home and think about me. Masoom starts fighting with Hoshiyar for following her, and says if you irritate me more I won’t spare you.
Manu says Kunal baby my aunty uncle are here and I was to fast but I broke it for you so go.
Masoom says Hoshiyar I want your sister to marry Meet so I am doing all this, go now. Masoom sees Manu and walks to her, Masoom asks how is she doing, Kunal hiding under table, Manu touches Hoshiyar and Masoom feet to distract them, Manu asks them how come here, Masoom says coffee. Waiter walks to Manu says today also he ran without giving bill, Hoshiyar asks who,Manu signs waiter to leave.

Manu says my cousin, he had urgent work so ran, Hoshiyar says come lets have coffee.

Meet walks to goons she fought with, they playing cricket, they all get scared from her, Meet walks to them, they say to Meet what now, Meets friend gives them sweet, Meet says here peace, and do come to my sisters wedding, they have sweets. Manu says Didi, Meet Ahlawat message me to see him, I should leave, Manu leaves. Masoom sees Manu’s bill.

Meet hands goons cricket competition poster and says we will participate as team, they give her sweets back and says no, Meet says all day you roam useless, your family is not happy with you too, this will help earn and also change your image, also get your best 5 our team will be completed, they say one minute and discuss among themselves.

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