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Meet 10th August 2022 Meet in ambulance with Raj going towards hospital. Meet remembers her encounter with Barfi, says to Raj nothing will happen to you don’t worry.

Deep and Isha together. Deep stops the car. Isha ask I don’t understand why are you stopping here. Deep and Isha get’s out, Deep says I told you our project is very confidential so team has decided to meet here first and then airport. Isha says that’s okay but why can’t I see people.

Deep says don’t worry they will come and says you started acting like my wufe very soon, you trying to spy me so let me tell you I have never seen anyone except you. Isha says so let me tell you know it’s wife’s work to have doubts on her husband so get use to it. Deep says I’ll miss you.

Isha say’s I’ll miss you more. Deep says I know how I’ll spend my 3 months without you. Isha give her letters says these are 92 letters one letter for each day and here is a pen to reply to my letter so that I cansee all the reply when you are back.

Deep hugs her. Isha give him kiss. Isha get’s emotional and she leaves. Deep says to himself in sometime I’ll give you a big surprise, in few hours we will meet again I just need to call Meet Ahlawat.

Kunal looking at papers says to Manushi you told me there will be no paper work to adopt baby then what is this. Manushi says these documents are not for adoption they are power of attorney documents which say’s on Manjaris behalf I can take her all the financial decision of her and she will name it to me.

Kunal says so you can withdraw every cash. Manushi says correct today 4pm Manjari will get her baby but all her wealth will be under my control. Kunal get’s excited.

Meet Ahlawat get’s call from Deep, he ask where are you. Deep says I’m on my way to Kasoli from highway now tell me how Isha will reach to me. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I’ll handle her and he leaves.

Isha driving see packet of ladoo says for the first time I made ladoo for him and he left them here, I have to give him before he leaves.

Meet worried about Raj ask what happen to him. Doctor says he is in critical condition we need to reach early and ask driver to drive fast.

Isha says I’ll call Deep and tell him I’m coming to give her ladoo, she looks for her phone but it’s in back seat of car, she grab her purse. Deep on call planning some surprises for Isha , he ask to keep all the gifts in Castle Resort room number 104.

Isha trying to grab her phone from the purse. She drops her phone. Deep walking on street he. Isha hits Deep with her car. Deep’s head get hit by rock. Isha in shock and tears. Deep on floor with blood. Isha didn’t look back she drives and run away.

Meet Ahlawat driving says Isha would have reached home let’s call her, he grab his phone see Manjaris missed call and thinks she might have thought of telling me truth so that’s why she must have call, he about to call her but get’s call from Isha.

Isha crying on call tells him I hit someone I don’t know what to do I hope I didn’t kill someone. Meet Ahlawat says calm down I’ll look into it, just take your anti anxiety pill and park your car take a cab and go to your therapist. Isha says I hope I didn’t hit someone. Meet Ahlawat says calm down I’m on same route I’ll see, you just calm down.

Meet Ahlawat reach location says Isha actually hit someone. Meet Ahlawat ask everyone to shift and see Deep lying on floor with blood. Meet Ahlawat ask people to call ambulance. Deep says did Isha know. Meet Ahlawat says she didn’t know. Deep says don’t tell her. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry I’ll take you to hospital nothing will happen.

Meet in hospital with Raj. Meet Ahlawat in same hospital with Deep.
Ram, Tej Babita and Ragini in hospital. Doctor come out of room says Raj got third heartattack he is in critical condition so it’s difficult save a person after third attack. Manjari says try to give him advance treatment.

Doctor says we are trying but in this condition we can only do heart transplant to save patient. Babita says this means you will plant someone else heart. Doctor says yes if we are able to transplant his heart in 4 hrs then he will be out of danger but if you arrenge heart after 4 hrs then he can be in danger. Manjari says please perform the surgery you must be having live heart.

Doctor get’s a call and tell Ahlawat’s that good news we have a donar for Raj and we have approval from donars heart. Babita says do fast why are you waiting, please save Raj. Doctor get’s call and he tell to Ahlawat’s heart is in Ambala hospital in haryana and everyone is on strike in that hospital, we are trying to find a way.

Nurse come out of room says please come patient’s health is getting more critical. Babita says to Ragini he is serious, he helped a lot of people but when today Raj need help then nobody is there to help him, my Raj need help and she pray to god, he need heart in 4hrs.

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