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Manmohini 7th February 2020 Episode Start With family gather around as Shiv struggles to open the door. Kamal asks them to break open it anyways. Shiv and Amar push the door together. Ananya lay on the floor, faint. Shiv sprinkles water on her face, then checks his nerve. Ketki smirks. Shiv tries to wake her up. Sunanda asks him to take Ananya outside, she might gain conscious in fresh air. Amar was left alone in the room. He watches the balloons all over the floor and wonders where these balloons came from. He smells a few and thinks there is poisonous gas in these balloons. He was sure it was someone’s game play.

Shiv brings Ananya to the room, and asks the family to call the doctor. He bolts his room door, and tries to wake Ananya; rubbing her hand and feet. He prays for a way out. He spots a ball in the throat of God’s pic in front of him. He takes his Rudraksh off his throat and sucks on Ananya’s mouth. His own throat chokes and he runs out. Fire emits out of Shiv’s mouth as he pukes outside in the backyard.
Sunanda watches this from the window. She thinks what if the devil inside Shiv is awake, it will ruin everything. She calls Amma ji’s attention and says Ananya’s condition seems to be worsening. Outside the room, family discuss the doctor is reaching soon.

Ananya wakes up and murmurs Shiv’s name. She requests him a surprise even when in dreams. The doctor had reached. Shiv tires his Rudraksh once again. He opens the door for doctor. The doctor examines Ananya then assures there is nothing to worry.
Mishra ji says Amar took the balloons to Ananya’s room. Amar silently regrets that he can’t even tell them these aren’t the balloons he had taken. Amma ji also questions Amar. Kamal holds him by collar and threatens they must have handed him to police had he not been Shiv’s brother. They were about to throw him out of the house. Sunanda thinks what will happen to her aims then. She stops Kamal, as Amar is the brother of Shiv. The family wasn’t convinced and orders him to leave right away. Amar takes a glance of Sunanda. Shiv calls him from behind but he walks outside anyways. Ketki smirks devilishly.

Later at night, Ketki sat on the roof with all the balloons. She flies each of them in the air, counting them as a symbol of her love for Shiv. Amar comes from behind and says this isn’t fair. He had come to clear a misunderstanding, why Ketki played the game with him. She became his friend, then double crossed him. He pulls Ketki’s hand and asks why she trapped him when the trap to kill Ananya was hers. Ketki asks if Amar has forgotten his own words. She couldn’t bear anyone in her love for Shiv. Amar intervened forcefully, he and Ananya are side-actors in this game. She planned to send Ananya to her mother, and Amar to jail. Amar complements Ketki’s game. He says it’s not a must that every love is accomplished. He turns to leave, wishing Ketki a happy life with her Shiv. He now announces a surprise gift for Ketki, turns the lights on and the whole family stood on the other side of the corridor. They recall, Shiv had come to stop Amar and was sure Amar couldn’t do any such act. Amar convinces the family that he took the balloons to Anaya’s room but someone replaced them. Shiv requested the family some patience, and Amar will surely prove his innocence. Amma ji had agreed. The family now charge at Ketki. Sunanda walks ahead with tears in her eyes and gives multiple slaps to Ketki. She questions how Ketki could fall to such an extent, if this is her brought up. Shiv questions who would now punish her, because they were sending his brother to jail. Sunanda decides she will do it, she is the mother. Amma ji calms Sunanda down.

The doctor comes to inform the family that Ananya is out of danger. She needs rest and they can meet her later. Sunanda walks downstairs behind Shiv. She boasts about her luck that he is Ananya’s husband. He can take care of her, and even fight with her family for her sake. She has no words for what he is about to do for her tomorrow. Amar overhears the conversation from upstairs and wonders what she is talking about.

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Telecast Date: 7th February 2020
Distributed By : Zee TV And Zee5


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