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Manmohini 13th January 2020 Episode Start With Sunanda looks through the window of Shiv-Ananya’s room. The phone bell rings, it was Dai Maa. Sunanda takes the phone. Dai Maa warns Shiv that Mohini is on Amar’s side. Sunanda speaks to Dai Maa that she is Mohini, her biggest enemy; Shiv’s mother and Amar’s Little Mummy. The good news is, Amar doesn’t know about his parents. When she has achieved her intentions, she will kill Amar as well and send his dust. Dai Maa was attacked tonight, she will surely be killed and cannot tell anything to Shiv at all. She will be the winner this time. Dai Maa screams ‘Mohini!’ Sunanda breaks the sim of Shiv’s phone and looks through the window again. Ananya spots Sunanda there. Shiv was quizzical and asks why she appears so tensed. Ananya wonders what her mummy was doing in the corridor so late at night.

Ananya goes behind Sunanda. Sunanda was worried that how she will linger Ananya’s questioning on. Amar comes to Sunanda. Sunanda was tensed that Devki knows about everything now and her attack over her was failed. Amar tells Sunanda that he has resolved the matter for Sunanda. He went to Sunanda’s room and found Ananya go out of the room looking for Sunanda. He blocked Devki’s number on Ananya’s phone and cut the landline off. Dai Maa decides to speak to Amar directly. Amar gets Devki’s phone bell. Dai Maa tells Amar that the witch is using him, she will destroy each and everything. Amar smirks and replies, none belongs to those who betray others. She has betrayed his Little Mummy for years, and now he will help his mother out. Dai Maa says she will come to Banaras right away. Amar warns she won’t go back alive then. Dai Maa thinks Sunanda turned Behram Garh’s blood really bitter.

Ananya comes to the hall looking for Sunanda. She finds Amar there instead. Shiv comes from behind. Amar walked as if not in senses. Shiv shakes Amar. Amar didn’t realize how he was here, he says a woman was trying to attack him in his dreams. Sunanda was hiding behind a wall and thinks Amar is sensible enough and knows well how to trap Shiv. Shiv assures Amar that nothing will harm him. Amar hugs Ananya and thanks her. Ananya felt uncomfortable, then goes looking for her mummy again. Ketki stops Ananya and asks why she has been wandering around the house so late. Ananya says she went to her husband’s room for some romance. Ketki comments that Ananya is getting a brother in law free in package. Sunanda comes to the hall. Ananya asks what she had been doing outside her and Shiv’s room, if she was keeping an eye. Sunanda asks why she would. She just woke up and found Amar walking across the house like ghosts; and just spotted them together. Ananya apologizes for her doubt. Sunanda tells Ananya to go and sleep as its really late now.

The next morning, Shiv comes to Amar’s room while he was still asleep. He looks closely at Amar’s face and finds a mark of cut. He says Amar’s dream seems to be true, and the witch must have tried to attack him. He must take an action before someone can harm Amar. Shiv left. Amar thinks Shiv is so emotional and can be easily fooled. He did it deliberately so that Shiv gets busy with the witch, and he flies away with Shiv’s Ananya. He dreams of himself being with Ananya.

Shiv was busy meditating when Ananya comes to the roof. She deliberately showers water over Shiv. Shiv doesn’t move. Ananya teases Shiv that she knows well how to get his attentions. She continues spreading clothes so that the water droplets showers Shiv’s face. She now notices Shiv looked extremely tensed. Shiv turns around to leave. Ananya, in an attempt to stop his way entangles herself with the cloth wire. It was broken, rolling Shiv and Ananya on the floor. Amar had just come upstairs and was irked to see them together. Amar says Dadi is calling them both downstairs. Ananya says they are busy right now. Amar removes the clothes from over them, the clothes are wet and they might fall ill. Ketki observes this and thinks she must befriend Amar. Shiv and Ananya still held each other’s hands.

Amar gets a call from Sunanda. Sunanda was tensed that Devki has reached Banaras and might come here anytime. Amar was determined he won’t let her reach the house.

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Telecast Date: 13th January 2020
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