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Main Hoon Aparajita 9th November 2022 Veer is beating Monty with Chhavi, she stops him and cries. She says I can’t do this. Veer says calm down, I will take care of him. He is about hit him, she says is this important?

Veer says I will break the person who tries to touch you. He starts beating Monty and says how dare you touch my Chhavi? Chhavi looks at him and smiles. She sees him beating badly and tries to stop him. Veer is about to throw a dumbell at him but Chhavi stops him. Veer asks Monty to apologize to her.

Monty cries and says sorry. Veer’s men arrive there, they take Monty away. Chhavi looks on. Veer tells Chhavi that don’t ever leave me again. Chhavi says no, she says I have to go back now. She leaves from there. Veer smiles.

Aparajita is outside the gym, the guard says you can’t go in without the membership card. She asks if he saw any girl here? He says I don’t know. Chhavi leaves the gym and is going back. Veer comes there on his bike and says I will drop you back to the college. Aparajita calls her and hears her phone ringing.

She says Chhavi? She turns to her and says I have been calling you. You were going to college right? Veer stands in front of Chhavi, she says don’t say anything to her. Aparajita says was he following you? Veer says yes, I was following her because I wanted to apologize to her. He says I know you are in a difficult position so I sent some money which you paid me for the bike, it is your money only, he leaves. Chhavi says he just wanted to apologize. Aparajita says you shouldn’t trust anyone. Lets go back.

Anish brings Akshay to an investor’s office. Akshay finds Veer and his father’s photo there. He says you want me to work with this man? His son harrassed Chhavi. Veer’s father minister comes there. He says this man couldn’t even control his wife in the police station. Anish says it was his ex-wife. The minister says he couldn’t control his daughter also. Akshay shouts at him and says don’t challenge me, if your son is seen near my daughter then I will drag him to the jail.

Asha and Disha come back home. Asha says we have to prepare for Aparajita’s birthday. Disha says we will do something fun.

Chhavi is sitting alone, Aparajita comes to her and asks what happened? Chhavi says I couldn’t sleep… Aparajita says I know you are feeling bad that you didn’t tell me about Veer meeting you? I know you and I trust you completely. Chhavi hugs her and thinks she trusts me so I can’t keep meeting Veer. She blocks his number. Aparajita says I trust you fully, I just wish Dadi was here with us too. She asks her to go and take rest.

Disha tells Asha that I have an idea about her gift, we will bring Dadi to her as a gift.

Aparajita wakes up in the morning and finds balloons in the room. She smiles and hears her daughters coming so she acts like sleeping. Chhavi says we shouldn’t wake her up. Disha says we should wake her up. Aparajita laughs and wakes up. They all run and hug her. They wish her birthday. Disha brings a cake. She cuts the cake and they all sing for her.


Main Hoon Aparajita 10th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aprajita says to her daughter, every year mom used to make kheer for me and I use to take her blessings but this year. Nurse calls Dadi and says it’s time to give blessings. Amma goes through pain and says to everyone please call ambulance I am having pain. Mohini calls city hospital for ambulance. Mohini, after talking to nurse, says something is fishy.

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Telecast Date:9th November 2022
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