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Main Hoon Aparajita 4th November 2022 Some sellers are taking Akshay’s daughter in their car but Aparajita stops them and says she is not going with you. She asks what was the payment? The seller asks her to move on. The girl says he is right, thank you for the help. Aparajita says you are innocent. She asks the sellers to leave.

They leave. The girl says I didn’t know they had bad intentions, I came here from Dubai and just wanted to buy something for my mother. I am so stupid. Aparajita says you are from Dubai? She says I traveled a lot and came here to meet my parents. Aparajita smiles. Aparajita says I will drop you where you want to go. She says thank you so much but I have booked a cab. She leaves from there.

Disha and Asha are fighting with Mohini’s goons. Chhavi gets worried and calls Veer. She says I need your help. Veer asks what happened? Chhavi says I shouldn’t have called you. She ends the call. Mohini smirks and sees Disha fighting with the workers. She recalls how she had hired a snake and told the snake man to not kill anyone.

Guggo is working at the laundry when a man comes there and leaves a snake in Aparajita’s room without Guggo seeing it.

Disha is fighting with the worker but a man comes there and says I will buy all this. He pays the worker and buys Aparajita’s stuff. Mohini shows the blanket to Chhavi and says your mom gifted it right? This is worthless. Akshay comes there and says what is going on? Mohini says I was throwing the old stuff out but these girls created an issue. Akshay says you started this,

I told you that I don’t want any drama. He says I will buy this stuff back for more money. Chhavi says you don’t care about relationships and want to do a favor on us? I don’t want your fake sympathy. She gives the stuff away and says you can take it. Akshay says you think I don’t care about you?

Your mother has filled you against me. Chhavi says stop it, I just know that you didn’t trust Aparajita’s words and trusted Mohini. You threw us out of the house in the middle of the night, I can’t even call you my father anymore. You call me your doll but you never wanted to know the truth.

The truth was that Mohini’s friend tried to molest me. That’s truth. I was a fool to think that you love us, you have corrected me. I thought I would always love you but you took it for granted. You know why you can’t be like our mother? You have broken my trust and I can’t trust you anymore. She looks at the blanket and says my Maa gifted this to me and it has no monetary value. She takes the blanket and leaves from there.

Chhavi, Disha and Asha come the laundry. Asha goes to put the clothes in the washing machine. She snake is there but she doesn’t see it. Aparajita comes home and calls Asha. She says what happened? Guggo says Disha got hurt.

Akshay shouts at Mohini that Chhavi doesn’t trust me anymore because of you. I know what happened and you were behind that right? Tell me if someone tried to molest Chhavi? why didn’t you stop him? Mohini shouts that you think Chhavi can’t lie? You can punish me if you want. I have a daughter too so you think I would do this with Chhavi? Akshay says I want to know how that party got organized?

Mohini says I am tired of your questions, you can call the police now. Akshay says just tell me truth. Mohini cries and says you don’t trust me still? You think I am a bad woman? I can’t this anymore.

Akshay says I know you want to hurt Aparajita but my daughters are with her, he grabs her face and says if you try to hurt my daughters then I won’t spare you so stay away from them and Aparajita. Mohini says I will stay away from your daughters but I won’t stay away from Aparajita. She should be punished.

Aparajita comes to Disha and cleans her wounds. She says you should have called me. The snake is near Aparajita.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2022
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