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Main Hoon Aparajita 24th November 2022 Akshay sees the goons entering the kitchen, he tells Aparajita to leave with the kids. Aparajita says I am not leaving you here, we promised to be united in this so come out. Aparajita pulls him up and brings him outside. The kids go to stop the goons.

Dadi thinks I am sure Aparajita and Akshay will bring the kids back. I know Aparajita must have kept the fast even if she said no. I am worried about her.

Aparajita is leaving the restaurant but is feeling dizzy and falls down. Akshay rushes to her and asks what happened? he gives her water and breaks her fast. The daughters come back and ask what happened to her? Akshay says she fainted. Niya says she must have been fasting? Disha says no she was not fasting. Akshay says she was fasting.. Niya says you gave her water, you broke her fast. Akshay says I had to help her.

Mohini tells Anish that Niya called her and Akshay is fine, he is stuck in the restaurant. Anish says how did he get saved from the goons? Who saved him? Mohini says I am just glad that he is safe. Sunil is calling people and says nothing should happen to his son. Mohini says Akshay is stuck with Aparajita and her daughters. I don’t know how to separate them.

Aparajita is feeling dizzy so Akshay holds her in his arms. Disha is angry. Mohini calls him so Aparajita moves away. Akshay tells Mohini that Aparajita saved him and Niya. We are searching for Chhavi. Mohini says you should know that she must be safe with her lover boy, or they might be in trouble.

The goons enter Veer’s apartment. They grab him and start beating him.

Akshay asks Mohini where is Chhavi and Veer? Mohini says they got caught by the goons but you don’t have to go there. Aparajita takes the call and pleads with her to tell about Chhavi’s location. Mohini says I am talking to my husband so give the phone back. Akshay asks for the location. Mohini tells him the location and asks him to come back fast,

I am fasting so you have to break it. Akshay ends the call and takes the family from there.
Sunil calls the commissioner and says we have to go to my son’s apartment. Mohini says we should go there as Akshay is going there with Aparajita. I want to show that I can give my life for Akshay as he is impressed by Aparajita right now.

Aparajita and others sit in the van. Aparajita tries to start it but it’s not working. The goons are approaching them. Aparajita cries and asks the can to start. The goons attack them but Disha and Akshay beat them. The van starts so Aparajita shouts for them to come. Disha runs to Akshay and says lets go. Akshay and others sit in the van and drive away.

The goons bring Veer to the roof-top. They tie Veer and Chhavi there.

Akshay tells Disha that I want to praise you for beating the goons, you are a brave girl. Aparajita is worried about Chhavi. Asha starts the news and the situation is bad. Asha says we have to be careful as its not safe. Aparajita says I don’t care, I have to reach Chhavi at any cost. Akshay says this is all happening because of Veer, she got trapped because of him. Aparajita says I trust Chhavi, I just want to save her.

The goons beat Veer and keep them tied. After some time, the goon tells Veer that we will take care of your girl now. Veer shouts to not touch her.

Aparajita arrives outside Veer’s apartment. Akshay says I will go inside. Aparajita says I will go with you. Akshay says you are still weak. Aparajita says you are injured too. I am going with you. Asha asks them to stop arguing. Aparajita asks Disha and others to go home. They leave them in the van.

The goons grab Chhavi and are about to throw her from the roof. Akshay and Aparajita are going upstairs to save her.

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Telecast Date:24th November 2022
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