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Main Hoon Aparajita 23rd November 2022 Aparajita and others are trying to leave from the restaurant but some goons arrive there. They lock themselves in the kitchen. Aparajita is getting dizzy but she says I have to save Chhavi. Akshay says we will do it, she is my daughter too. Aparajita says there is a window to leave from here.

Asha says but there is no ladder. Aparajita says the goon entered there. Niya sees Akshay’s hand bleeding but he says it’s okay. Aparajita stops him and says you are bleeding too much, she says we need some cloth. She wipes his hand and says you have to be careful. Disha holds the cloth and cleans his wound, all look on.

Aparajita tears her saree and ties it around his arm. Dadi calls her and asks where are you? is everyone okay? Aparajita says we all are okay but I need to find Chhavi. Dadi says I trust you, where is Akshay? he says I am here, she saved my life. He tells her that Mohini must be worried so tell her that I am with Appu..

Aparajita looks away. He ends the call. The goons are trying to break the door. Akshay tells Asha to jump from the window but she is scared so Disha says I will go first. Akshay asks her to stand on his shoulders, don’t worry I won’t drop you like I never did in childhood. Disha glares at him and says that time is gone. She doesn’t want his help.

The goons start making Veer and Chhavi’s video while they are hugging. Chhavi says I won’t go but can I call my mother? Veer says if you tell her then she will come to take you, we have to wait till the moon is out and then you can go. Chhavi nods.

Aparajita tells Disha to take his help, we don’t have time. Akshay lifts her up and she finds a ladder, she jumps from the window and tells Aparajita to come outside one by one. Niya jumps from the window.

Anish asks Sunil to do something and save Akshay. Sunil gets Veer and Chhavi’s video. He is scared. Mohini says Chhavi is with Veer? The goon calls him and says your son can be killed by us. Sunil says don’t do anything to him. The goon says just take your name from the elections.

Niya gets out from the kitchen. Aparajita hugs Asha and asks her to jump from the window. Akshay says just trust me. They push her outside the window. Akshay asks Aparajita to jump first. We don’t have time. He holds her hands and asks her to trust him. Aparajita looks on and recalls how he left her. Akshay says just trust me this time and I won’t break it. Aparajita holds his hand and jumps on his shoulder. He holds her tightly and she sees the moon outside. Aparajita recalls how Dadi told her to celebrate karwachauth.

Dadi tells Guggo that I wish Akshay wouldn’t leave Aparajita, we would have been one family today.

Aparajita jumps from the window and gets down.

Chhavi and Veer prepare for the karwachauth. He breaks her fast and she makes him eat too. Veer holds her hand and says this moment will always be with me, thank you for being here. He comes closer and is about to kiss her. The goons are making their video. Veer is about to kiss but Chhavi stops him and says I can’t break my mother’s trust, I have to go now, she must be very worried. She asks him to let her call. He gives her phone.

Akshay is trying to jump from the window but his hand is hurting and the goons are about to enter the kitchen.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2022
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