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Main Hoon Aparajita 22nd November 2022 Veer and Chhavi are hiding in the cupboard, the goons don’t see them and leave.

The goons tie Akshay and Aparajita together, all goons leave except one. The goon is trying to call his daughter but she is not picking up. Akshay is angry with Aparajita for not saving the kids in time. Aparajita says I came to save your life. Akshay says but you couldn’t do anything.

Aparajita says I did a mistake by trying to save you even after all you have done. The goon asks them to stop arguing. He asks how many kids they have? Akshay says 5, Aparajita says 3. The goon says what? Aparajita says he did 2 marriages. She says you are a father too and understand that we are worried about our kids.

The goon enters the kitchen and starts beating Disha. Asha and Niya are scared.

Aparajita asks the goon if he has kids? The goon says I have a daughter but she lives with her mother and hates me. Aparajita asks why does she hate you? He cries and says she thinks I am a bad man. Akshay asks if he remarried? He says no. Akshay says you did the right thing, if you have 2 wives then you become crushed. Aparajita says people can be bad but they can be good fathers. I know you must have done wrong things but if you care about your kids then you should stop doing the wrong thing. You should show care for your kids and then they will stop hating you.

Sunil calls his opposition and says you can kill Akshay for all I care. Anish and Mohini arrive there. Mohini pleads with him to do something about Akshay. Sunil says I can’t lose my seat for him, I am worried about my son too.

Aparajita tells the goon that if you keep doing this and we get killed today then your daughter will keep hating you. Your one good deed can change everything for you. The other goon comes there and says this man is useless, we should kill him. He is about to hit Akshay but the father goon hits him and fress Akshay-Aparajita. He asks them to go and save their kids. Aparajita says I will pray that you reunite with your daughter. She leaves from there with Akshay.

The goon wakes up and calls his manager.

Chhavi and Veer are hiding in the cupboard, she is scared but he asks her to be silent. He looks outside and says they are gone. He asks Chhavi to break his fast. Chhavi says I have to go home, I can’t stay here anymore. Veer gets angry and grabs her.

Akshay and Aparajita come outside the kitchen. They knock on the door. Niya opens the door and hugs Akshay. Aparajita calls Asha so she and Disha rush to her. Akshay is hurt that they didn’t come to him. Aparajita hugs Disha and Asha as they cry. Aparajita sees a goon in the kitchen and says this man? The flashback shows how Disha fought with the goon. Aparajita asks where is Chhavi? Disha says I thought she was home. Aparajita says what? She didn’t come home. Akshay shouts where is Chhavi? Disha says she went to meet Veer. Aparajita says some goons went behind Veer.

Veer glares at Chhavi and says I kept a fast for you but you can’t even stay here for a bit? Chhavi says you are crazy. Veer says you haven’t seen my craziness, if you don’t make me eat then I will die hungry, I will die if you leave like this. Chhavi says you love me that much? Veer says yes. Chhavi hugs him. The goon hides and sees them.

Aparajita is calling Chhavi but she is not picking up. Akshay says we have to leave from there. They see goons entering the restaurant.

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