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Main Hoon Aparajita 21st November 2022 Aparajita cries and thinks they will kill Akshay, I have to do something but the kids are locked there too. What should I do..

Asha is crying in the kitchen and says Maa must have not found another ladder. Disha consoles her and says she will come for sure, don’t worry.

Aparajita is going towards the kitchen. She comes to the back area and calls for Asha. Asha jumps and looks through the window. Aparajita says I will try to enter the kitchen so just hide yourself till then, I will be back in a bit and don’t let anyone enter there, I will find a way. Asha nods as Aparajita leaves from there. Disha hugs Asha and Niya. Aparajita prays for her kids’ protection and thinks I have to go and save Akshay but how…

The goon makes Akshay’s video and he is getting dizzy, they send it to his minister and says he is MLA Sunil Thakkur’s man so tell us what to do about him.

Aparajita jumps on the restaurant’s roof and starts going inside. She comes on the terrace and finds the goons around Akshay. She thinks I have to send these goons from here but how.. she take the kerosene bottle and throws it outside the room. She finds a lighter and tries to use it.

The MLA Sunil calls the inspector and asks him to do anything but maintain law and order. He tells his manager to just handle the media. He gets Akshay’s video and the opposition’s minister’s message that if he takes his ticket back then they will spare his man’s life. Sunil is angry.

The goons get a call from their minister who tells them to wait. The goon is trying to call someone and says I am trying to call my daughter, I told her to not leave the house today but she didn’t listen. Akshay laughs and says you are scared about your daughter? I wish your daughter would know what you are up to. The goon kicks him and asks him to keep his mouth shut.

Aparajita is able to light the lighter. She starts the fire and hides. The goons smell it and go to check. Akshay is alone in the room while goons are trying to doze off the fire. Aparajita hides and goes in the room. She locks the room and frees him. Akshay says what are you doing here? Aparajita says the kids are safe so I came here to save you. Akshay looks on.

The goons arrive outside Veer’s house so he runs away from there with Chhavi.

The manager tells Sunil that you can’t put your career in danger for one person. His wife comes there and says Veer is not picking up call, please find out where he is. Sunil tries calling him.

Veer and Chhavi hide from the goons in the house. The goons are looking around for them.

Aparajita tries to untie Akshay’s ties. She finds a knife and starts cutting the ropes. He asks about the kids. Aparajita says they are in a room but they are safe. Aparajita frees Akshay.

Disha makes some sandwiches and asks Asha to eat it. Asha says I kept a fast for my family and maybe we will be protected so I can’t break it. Niya says I won’t eat if you don’t eat. Disha says me too. Niya asks Asha to eat something. She says I will try calling mom. She calls her but there is no network.

Niya says I wish Asha’s fast works, she says Aparajita must be fasting for Akshay also right? Disha and Asha look on. Disha says why would my mother fast for that man? Niya says I am sorry, I called you here today to reunite you all with our dad, he really cares for you. Disha gets angry and says we are all stuck here because of you? Asha stops her and says I will try calling Chhavi.

Akshay and Aparajita start leaving the room when the goons arrive there. They glare at them.

The goon wakes up outside the kitchen window and looks around. The goon brings another ladder and starts jumping from the window. He looks inside and finds the girls inside. The goon enters the kitchen with a stick so the girls get scared.

Veer and Chhavi hide in a cupboard, she is crying so he wipes her tears and tries to calm her down. Asha is calling her but she doesn’t pick up.

The goons grab Akshay and Aparajita. Akshay says leave her. The goon grabs Aparajita. They put a knife on her neck while Akshay looks on.

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Telecast Date:21st November 2022
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