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Main Hoon Aparajita 17th November 2022 Aparajita is working in the kitchen, she takes out food for herself and sits down to eat it.

Akshay gets hit by some rioters but he fights with them and runs from there.

Niya is waiting in the hotel. Mohini calls her and asks where is she? Niya says I am out for lunch, dad is joining me. Niya ends the call and says I had to call my sisters for our dad. She waits for them to arrive.

Guggo tells Aparajita that I hope everything is okay in the city. Aparajita says I will ask them. She calls Disha and asks when will they come back? Disha says we will be back in an hour. She ends the call. Asha tells Disha that this plan was made because.. my friend offered me lunch and she said that I can bring my sisters. Disha says you should have told me. Chhavi says I will come in a bit. Disha says you are going to meet Veer? Chhavi says yes but I will come back in a bit.

Disha says you should have informed Maa. Asha says let her go for 10 minutes. Chhavi thanks her. Disha asks if she is fasting for Veer? Chhavi says even Veer is fasting for me. Disha laughs and says these love birds are crazy. Disha says you ate that sargi? Chhavi says not at all. Disha says I hope Maa didn’t keep a fast for that man. Chhavi says I will be back soon. Disha and Asha hug her, they leave from there.

Aparajita asks Guggo to check the news on the internet, he says it’s not working. She gets worried.

Akshay is running from the rioters and hides. He tries calling Anish but he is not picking up.

Asha and Disha come to the hotel. Niya says thank you for coming here. Asha apologizes to Disha and says you wouldn’t have agreed that’s why I didn’t call you.

Bappi tells Aparajita that the city situation is bad, where are your daughters? Aparajita says my kids are out for shopping. Bappi loses her grand-daughter Dolly. Aparajita runs to find her.

Disha scolds Asha and says you lied because of her? I am leaving. Asha says I ate that sargi. Disha says what? Asha says I ate it for my family, Niya is part of our family and she is very nice. Niya says we can at least talk, the lunch is on me. Disha and Asha sit with her. Niya asks where is Chhavi? Asha says she will arrive in a bit.

Disha calls a waiter and starts ordering. She orders more than they can eat. Asha whispers why did you order so much? I am fasting. Disha says Niya is rich as her father is rich. Niya says our father. Disha says no, we don’t have a father.

Aparajita comes to the market and looks around for Dolly. Akshay is fighting with goons there. Aparajita looks around for Dolly.

The servant tells Mohini about the city situation. She gets worried for Akshay and Niya.

Aparajita finds Dolly lost in the market. The goons are about to hit her but Aparajita holds her and runs from there. She hides from the goons with her. Akshay calls Niya and says stay in the hotel… Niya says your voice is breaking, she ends the call. Aparajita calls the police and pleads for help. She calls Disha but her phone is not reachable.

The food arrives and the table is full. Asha asks Disha if she can eat all that? Niya says she can eat as much as she want.

Akshay calls Mohini and says Niya is in a restaurant, I will go there and bring her back safely. The call ends. Akshay tries to leave the market. Aparajita is hiding from the goons there and pray for her daughters.

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Telecast Date:17th November 2022
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