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Main Hoon Aparajita 15th November 2022 Veer tells Chhavi that he will wait for her tomorrow. He leaves from there. She smiles at him.

Aparajita tells Disha that Chhavi is a mature girl and if she trusts him then he must be good. Disha says you can fall in love again? Aparajita laughs.

Asha sits with Chhavi and asks what do you feel in love? Chhavi says everything feels awesome. Asha says I want a prince charming. What do we have to do in love? Chhavi recalls how Veer asked her to keep a fast for him.

Aparajita talks to Chhavi and says if anything happens between you and Veer then tell me.

Niya messages Asha saying she wants to meet her, Chhavi and Disha. I want to talk to you. Asha messages that it’s not possible. Niya pleads with her. Asha says Chhavi and Disha wouldn’t agree. Niya asks her to try and convince them. Mohini comes there and says I prepared for sargi so where did it go? Niya looks on.

Chhavi asks Aparajita if she will keep a fast for Akshay like always? Aparajita says I used to fast for Dadi. Disha says don’t fast this time after what he has done. Aparajita says I won’t fast this time. Chhavi says but you said you always fasted for Dadi? Disha says why do women have to fast only? Asha says these days even husbands fast for wives these days. Chhavi smiles and says you are right.

Disha says how do you know that? Chhavi says I read it somewhere. Disha says why are you asking about fasting.. are you going to fast? Chhavi gets scared and says I am not married. Aparajita looks on. The door bell rings, Aparajita opens it to find sargi plate. Dadi calls her and says this is my surprise.

I always give it to you, just fast nicely. Asha finds a mangalsutra in the plate and shows it to Dadi. Dadi tells her how she called the servant and made her take the mangalsutra from Mohini. Then she asked her to take Mohini’s sargi to Aparajita, she ends the call. Chhavi says she should fast for Dadi. Disha says Dadi should understand that she doesn’t need to fast. Aparajita says I will take this sargi as a blessing but I won’t wear this mangalsutra and I won’t fast.

Mohini tells Dadi that you stole my sargi? I will not spare Aparajita now. She leaves from there.

Mohini comes to Akshay and tells him that Dadi sent my sargi to Aparajita, she will fast for you? She is annoying me. I wanted to fast for you properly so you have to control your mom. She leaves. Akshay says Aparajita is fasting even after years for me? that’s interesting.

Disha calls Chhavi and Asha. She shows them a plate and says someone ate that sargi? She glares at Chhavi. She says I didn’t do this. Asha says why would I eat this? Chhavi says what if Aparajita decided to fast? Disha says she won’t.

The manager tells the MLA that we should cancel the rally as opposition might create an upset in the city. The MLA says that we will do the rally at any cost, if they are causing an uprest then call the police and ask them to close off the areas. Veer hears that and gets worried.

Aparajita’s colony is getting blocked by the police. Bappi tells Aparajita that there might be bomb blast today. The inspector says there will be an MLA rally today. Bappi says you know Veer so you can ask him. Aparajita tries to leave but Mohini comes there and says you are fasting for my husband?

Aparajita says you don’t trust Akshay anymore? Are you scared that he will leave you and come back to me? Mohini says you wish. Aparajita says then focus on your fast, just leave me go. She leaves from there. Mohini looks on.

Disha cooks pakoras and asks Asha to taste it. She says I won’t. Disha says you are fasting? Asha says I would never. She gets a message from Niya to come and meet her. Asha says yes.

Niya tells Akshay that she has to take her to a lunch. Akshay says okay just let me where I have to come.

Aparajita calls Dadi and says I don’t want to fast, this doesn’t feel right. Dadi says I won’t force you, if you don’t want to. Akshay arrives there and says I brought sweets for the daughters. Aparajita says why? Akshay says I just want to be involved in my daughters’ lives. Aparajita says why would they take sweets from you?

They are mature now and can see what you are trying to do so stop trying to be their father. Akshay says but you are still acting like my wife, why did you keep a fast for me? Is it like you are pretending to hate me but you still want me? You think I will come back to you? Aparajita glares at him.

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