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Main Hoon Aparajita 10th November 2022 Aparajita is celebrating her birthday with her daughters. The doorbell rings so Chhavi gets worried and goes to check. Aparajita asks Disha and Asha to go to the college. Aparajita says I am missing Dadi today. Disha smiles and leaves from there. She tells Asha that we have to bring Dadi here.

Akshay and Anish talk. Anish says I have talked to the MLA, we can go and talk to him. Akshay says not right now, he misbehaved with me. I won’t do business with him. Anish says you can’t be emotional. Mohini comes there and gets a call. She says what? She tells Akshay that Monty/Vicky was beaten by someone and he is unconscious in the hospital.

Veer is calling Chhavi but she is not picking up. He says how could she block my number? hie father MLA comes there and shouts at him for beating Vicky. He asks why did you beat him up? he is unconscious in the hospital. If he takes your name when he wakes up then I will lose my reputation. Is this about a girl? Veer leaves from there. The MLA calls his manager and asks him to find out which girl has Veer going crazy.

Aparajita comes to the kitchen and finds kheer cooked there. Dadi calls her and says I just got the time to call you. She wishes her birthday. Aparajita thanks her and says you have made my birthday special but I am missing your kheer. She says Chhavi made kheer for me. Dadi asks what happened about that guy?

Aparajita says Chhavi said that he just apologized to her. I just don’t understand how he got Chhavi’s number. Akshay comes there so Dadi hides the phone. Dadi says it’s Aparajita’s birthday today so can you take me there? I always blessed her so please make me meet her. Akshay says you never cared about my birthday. Dadi says you never cared about my blessings. Akshay angrily leaves.

Chhavi comes back home. Guggo leaves from there. Veer comes there and grabs her. He says why did you block me? Chhavi asks him to leave, she says I can’t talk to you. I can’t be selfish. Veer says you know what you are to me. He takes a hot iron and burns his hand. He says you ignoring me gives me more pain. Chhavi says how to tell you that I can’t break my mother’s trust. If you care for me then please leave me alone. Veer says I can’t be away from you, you are mine and mine only. I will not come to you anymore, you will come running to me. He leaves from there.

Disha, Asha, Guggo get ready as nurses. Guggo brings his friend who brings an ambulance. Disha calls Dadi and asks her to get ready. She tells her the plan. Dadi says what if we get caught? Disha says don’t be scared. Dadi ends the call and starts screaming. Mohini and Niya come there. Dadi says I have a severe pain, she asks Mohini to call an ambulance. Mohini calls for an ambulance.

Disha, Asha and Guggo arrive at Mohini’s house as nurses. They hide their faces. Dadi cries and says take me from here. Disha winks at her and takes her from there. They put her in the ambulance. Mohini sits in the ambulance. Disha says you can’t sit with her, we have some rules for the patients. Dadi says I am in pain. Mohini says just take her, we will come in another car. Disha loads Dadi in the ambulance. Mohini sees her car punctured. Disha is about to take Dadi away but Mohini says stop. Mohini says someone canceled the ambulance that I ordered. What is happening?

Aparajita is on the road but her van breakdowns. Akshay arrives there and says I can give you a lift. Aparajita says my relationship with my van is stronger than your favors. Akshay says don’t try to manipulate Dadi. Aparajita says I won’t let you stop me from meeting her as she is my mother. She drives away.

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