Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update

Main Bhi Ardhangini Written Updates

Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd August 2019 Written Episode Update, Main Bhi Ardhangini Written Update on

Main Bhi Ardhangini 22nd August 2019 Episode Start With  Jaichand coming to Mohini’s room and asks can I come inside? Mohini says you are already in the room. Jaichand gives her milk. Mohini thinks Mata Mansa has accepted it. Adhiraj comes there and smiles. He sees Mohini drinking milk. Mohini feels pain in her mouth. Adhiraj says this is the proof of my strength and says this time I gave you magical poshan, next time I will give you poison. Mohini says you was mand buddi and even now. He says your tongue is burning and you are saying this.

Mohini writhes in pain and keeps pillow on her mouth, the pillow catches fire. Adhiraj gets shocked and gets flashes of Vaidehi asking him to save her. He says I will give you water. She sees herself coming in naagin avatar and asks him to leave from there. Adhiraj comes out of room and feels bad. He thinks who he has seen. He thinks what is happening with him, he wants to hate her, but can’t. He wants her to go far, but wants to go near her. He comes to Maha maya’s room and asks what vidhi is she doing? Maha Maya scolds him for coming inside and asks him to go out and stand outside, don’t let anyone come. Adhiraj says I will do whatever you says and go out. Maha maya says today she has to successful in the test.

Bhujang tells Shalaka that they need to know about her naag prabarti. He says Shalaka has to walk on this divine light and reach the idol while blindfolded and if she succeeds then we will accept her. Maha Maya says moon is playing game today and her plan will ruined because of it. Mohini comes to Adhiraj. Adhiraj asks if she is fine. She warns him and asks him to thank her for leaving him. She says you are scared that I might complain to Maha Maya about you. Adhiraj says he is safeguarding her room so that Maha maya’s vishesh kriya don’t go waste. He asks her not to worry and says he has pulled naag rekha around the room. He says if Bhujang also comes then will die. Mohini goes to her room thinking to contact Bhujang. She closes her door. She spits poison in the bowl and looks in the magical mirror. She becomes naagin.

Bhujang says Shalaka’s shuddhi pariksha came. Mohini writes on the mirror trying to contact Bhujang. Bhujang asks why did you keep the mirror when you don’t want to use it. Mohini says Maha maya and Adhiraj have kept eye on me. Bhujang says but. Mohini says we can’t kill Maha Maya. Bhujang says you have sworn that you will kill her and rescued our friends. Mohini says Maha Maya has trapped our friends with a mantra known to her only, says if we kill her then our friends will die. Bhujang asks her not to contact him if Maha Maya’s eyes are on her. Mohini says I want to alert you as Maha Maya is doing some evil kriya and tells that she did this when Shalaka escaped. Bhujang thinks his doubt can be right. Mohini hears someone coming and keeps the mirror down. She don’t hear Bhujang. Bhujang says Shalaka shall give the test. Maha maya controls Shalaka.

Shalaka is blindfolded and thinks she has to pass the test else Bhujang will be doubtful. Bhujang asks her to stop and says if you are pure then you will cross it without any difficulty and if you are in Maha Maya’s evil powers then you can’t cross it. Maha Maya thinks to keep Shalaka’s soul in her trap and tries to step on the light, but falls. She find divine lights in her room, she thinks she knows what to do.


Main Bhi Ardhangini 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Maha Maya sees Adhiraj talking to a feather. Maha Maya thinks he shall not know about his past. Mohini hears her and thinks she shall find out about his past.


Main Bhi Ardhangini Details

Main Bhi Ardhangini (Hindi: मैं भी अर्धांगिनी) is an upcoming Hindi Drama TV Serial on &TV channel. Avinash Sachdev, Aditi Rawat, Anjali Priya are lead roles in the show. This serial is made under the Production of Paritosh Painter. It is Starts/Launch on 21 January 2019, Mon – Fri, 9:30 PM.

The story is about a best friend and wife dedicated to protect the man they love. After the tragic death of his wife, the childhood best friend wants to bring back happiness, love in the man’s life. Parallelly, the serial showcases eternal love of the demised wife who protects him from evil and do whatever she can to keep the man and his best friend together.

Cast : 

Anjali Priya
Aditi Rawat
Avinash Sachdev

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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