Luv Kush 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Luv Kush Written Update on

Luv Kush 7th November 2019 Episode Start With Ram asking about Laxman. Vaid says Laxman is attacked by Divyaastra, I can’t say when will he get fine, he has no physical injury, its effect of the Divyaastra. Ram asks is Laxman in pain. Vaid says just Laxman can say that. Ram cries for Laxman. Hanuman runs and catches his tear in hand. He gets angry and says I can’t see you in pain, command me, I will not leave Lav and Kush, I will get them in front of you. He leaves and takes a giant form. He asks Ram not to stop him, he can get the two kids easily, command me to teach them a lesson. He flies off. Shatrughan worries. Ram asks Vaid to take care of Laxman and try to find some solution to break his sleep.

Bharat comes and says I feel I should also go with Hanuman, command me. Ram asks him to win and come. Hanuman angrily arrives to the ashram area. The land gets shaken up. Wind blows. Sita senses something. Lav and Kush see giant Hanuman. Sita thinks my three sons are standing against each other. Vanar Raj Sugreev and Angad comes to Ayodhya with his army. Ram hugs Sugreev and asks how did you come here suddenly. Sugreev says when someone challenges you, I will be here to serve you with my army, the two stubborn kids made this mistake to stop the horse, command me, I m ready to go with them. Ram says sure. Sugreev thanks him. Bharat, Sugreev and entire army leaves. Shatrughan says just a huge army against two young kids, is this necessary. Ram says yes, we have to fight such unbalanced battles to balance the world. Shatrughan says we are mighty. Ram says but I feel those kids are mighty, that’s why I have sent all of them.

Lav apologizes to Hanuman. Dheera and everyone looks on. Hanuman gets back to normal avatar. He says I m glad to know that you regret your mistake, you apologize to Ram, you have gone against him. Dheera says its good they didn’t challenge Hanuman. Lav says no, we have no regrets for what we did, we have caught the horse and attacked Laxman. Hanuman gets angry. Kush says sorry that you had to come here, we always wanted you to become our Guru.

Hanuman says enough, Ram had cried because of you. Ram says Laxman, you know Hanuman doesn’t fight anyone who isn’t equal to him in power, today he has gone to fight those boys, it would be tough decision for him, you are the reason for this, I can just wish that Lav and Kush get sense, none can defeat Hanuman, I don’t want Hanuman to do anything that he doesn’t want. Lav says we know you are Ram’s prime devotee, you think we are insulting you, you will take revenge, same way, we will not get back. Hanuman says you think you can defeat me in battle.

Dheera says Lav and Kush, accept defeat. Lav says its not our work to decide this, we are standing here as its our Kshatriya Dharm, we can’t leave our Dharm like you can’t. Hanuman says you proved my thinking wrong. He scolds them. Lav challenges him again. Hanuman says it was my mistake to give you last warning, you will be responsible for this now. Lav says if you have Ram’s devotion, we have power of our mum’s blessing. Sita sits praying for them. Lav and Kush get the arrows to strike Hanuman. Hanuman prepares to strike them.


Luv Kush 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Lav says we hope you won’t regret our battle move. Hanuman steps on the ground and throws his gada at Lav and Kush. They get shocked.


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