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Luv Kush 7th January 2020 Episode Start With Sita saying its Raavan’s new trick. Hanuman says no, I didn’t come to hurt you, I m Ram’s messenger. Sita says impossible, its Raavan’s cheat. He says no, give me a chance, I m really sent by Ram. She says fine, then describe Ram. Hanuman starts describing Ram. She starts visualizing Ram and cries. He shows the ring given by Ram. She says you should need a proof from my side, I want to give this to you. She sees the ring and cries.

She recalls Ram. She says you have given me a new hope, you are like my son, Hanuman, tell me, how is Ram. He asks how can he be without you, he is restless, he has left all his happiness and peace, come with me, your pain can end right now, none will know that you are away from here, come with me Mata. He takes his giant form. He keeps his hand on the ground. She smiles. He asks her to come. She stops.

He gets back to his normal form. He asks don’t you trust me. She says I trust you, but I can’t let Ram get insulted, I wish to get out of here, if I leave with you, then Ram’s respect will be at stake, Raavan has done torture on me and many more people, this entire Rajya tortures weak people, if I leave with you, then people will say that Ram has chosen an easy way and didn’t fight evil, no…. Hanuman, I can not hear a word against Ram, I will not come with you, until Ram defeats Raavan and his army, I will stay here, this is my belief that day will come soon, just Ram can defeat Raavan. He smiles.

He says fine, Raavan can be a big challenge for Ram, but Sugreev and entire vanar sena will come with Ram. She says my son Hanuman is also with Ram. He touches her feet. She blesses him. She gives her hair ornament for Ram. She asks him to give her sign to Ram, tell him that I m waiting for him. He takes it. He says I can’t leave like this, I have to find about Raavan army strength before going. She asks what happened, did you forget something.

He says I didn’t take any rest or food, I have crossed the sea and came here, I m feeling hungry, now I found you. She says sure, I will get some fruits for you. He says don’t worry, I will get my food myself in this garden. She smiles and says fine, eat anything you want, roam around in this garden, you are a vanar and have a right to roam around on the trees. Hanuman goes and finds some fruits on the trees. He starts eating. He plucks the fruits. The guards hear the sound and go to see. They see Hanuman and shout on him. Hanuman says I didn’t steal anything, I m just eating the fruits. The guards attack him. Hanuman hits him with his long tail.

The guard plays an alarm and calls many more soldiers. Asur comes to attack. Hanuman says so this is Raavan’s sena, I will see their power. Asur scolds Hanuman. Hanuman scolds them and introduces himself. He says I have come here as Ram’s messenger, go and tell Raavan to come here and meet me, I have to tell him that he made a big mistake, he should apologize to Ram, you will need time to take this message to him, go now, I will have some fruits. The guards laugh on him. Asur says I think you came here to die, you did good, your last wish will be fulfilled. The guard shoots at him and makes him drop the fruit. They all laugh. Hanuman shows more fruits. Guard shoots again. Hanuman throws the fruits at them. Asur gets dizzy. Hanuman jokes on him. Sita and asur women look on. The asur woman praises Hanuman’s courage. Sita thinks Raavan, my son Hanuman got the news of your end, get ready Raavan.


Luv Kush 8th January 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Hanuman beats all the guards. He burns the Lanka with his tail.

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Telecast Date: 7th January 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv and Voot


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