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Luv Kush 5th February 2020 Episode Start With Lav and Kush seeing a lady getting hurt. They run to cure her wound and tell that their mum taught them. The lady blesses their mum. The man also gets hurt. Lav and Kush run to heal his wound. The man says we don’t want your help, we are not delicate like those women, we will solve our problem. The men laugh on the women. Lav says women are fighting for their self respect, they will do their best, remember mum’s words. Kush recalls Sita’s words. Lav and Kush encourage the women by saying Sita’s words. The women cry. They sing. The women make the pots. Both the team make the pots ready.

Lav and Kush count the pots. They go to tell Kaka. Kaka says women made 50 pots and men made 55 pots. The men get glad and laugh on women. Kaka says we will test the pots decorations, if it can attract the people by their looks. Both the teams decorate a pot nicely and bring to Kaka. Lav and Kush smile seeing the beautiful art made by the women. Kaka praises the girl for making the most beautiful pot. He says women won in round 2, both the teams are on equal level. The man says its not right, you didn’t test our pot well. Lav says its just a competition, a person’s behavior matters, you have chosen Kaka as the judge, you can’t doubt on his judgement now.

Kaka says the third round will based on the pots’ quality and sustainability, the winner of this round will be the final winner, the pots have to be filled with water and kept on each other, the person who fills the pots with water first will win. The man says we will win this round easily, we are quick and strong also. They run to get the water. The ladies also get the water and fill the pots. The men complete the task first and laugh. Their pots shatter down. They get shocked. Lav and Kush smile. Lav says the women won. Kaka says men lost, their pots broke, women’s pots are better. Kush says so you lost the competition, according to the rules, you have to apologize to the women. Kush asks them to look at women’s greatness, they care for their husband’s respect. Lav says yes, this makes them great, they just want some respect.

Kush says we shall make them say this. He asks women why aren’t they happy after proving their husbands wrong, the men will bow down and apologize now, you should celebrate your win, what’s this, did you all get sad on your husbands’ defeat, don’t forget the men said bad things and insulted them, if the men won, they would have insulted the women more, they will get their lost respect by insulting the men. The lady says enough, we have heard enough, I won’t hear a word against him, I can’t have respect by insulting him. The ladies say yes, our respect is same, our win and failure are also same. The man apologizes to his wife. All the men apologize to their wives. The man says we understood your aim to compete, you aren’t happy after winning, since our happiness and respect matter more than victory. He hugs his wife. All the couples unite.

Lav and Kush smile. The man says we understood our mistake, Sita wasn’t abandoned, she has given a sacrifice for Ram, we have understood your motive, complete your goal, which you have started, we will hear Ramayana from you, then we can understand Sita’s greatness and sacrifice. The people agree. Lav says sure. Kush says Lav was right, we got our path again. Lav says we will restart Ramayana in Rajsabha tomorrow. They all chant Ram’s name. The men look on and say its not a good sign that these boys bring change in Ayodhya, we won’t let this happen.


Luv Kush 6th February 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Ram says if you think peace will stay if Ramayana isn’t preached, then fine, make arrangements to send Lav and Kush back. Everyone is shocked.

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Telecast Date: 5th February 2020
Distributed By : Colors Tv And Voot


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