Luv Kush 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 4th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Luv Kush Written Update on

Luv Kush 4th November 2019 Episode Start With Sita saying Lav and Kush are alone, how will they face the big army. Dheera says Lav and Kush said they don’t want to trouble us and sent us back. Sita says my sons want to get some answers, I also want to know some answers from the fate. Lav and Kush point arrows to fight. Shatrughan sees them. He recalls asking Ram to send him for the fight. Ram asks him to be careful, they are young boys. Shatrughan asks the soldiers not to attack. He smiles seeing Lav and Kush. Sita cries and asks why am I just tested always, why are my sons challenging Ram. Lav and Kush greet Shatrughan and take blessings. Shatrughan says I m very happy to see you both here, if you have stopped the horse, then there is nothing to worry, when Ram knows about you two, he will be relieved too, I will free the horse now. Lav and Kush stop him. Lav says sorry, we will free the horse when Ram comes here to take it. Shatrughan asks what if I refuse.

Kush says there won’t be any option left. Sita says I will be hurt if any one of them gets hurt, I won’t be the same Sita as before. She gains her powers. The storm occurs in the river. Sita says I will protect my children. Shatrughan says the horse needs protection, the world is getting imbalanced, Ram has kept this yagya to balance the universe, don’t create hurdles in this yagya, listen to me, free the horse. Kush says we are young and don’t understand this, we know this horse is a symbol of Ram’s power, we challenge him. Shatrughan says this is just for competing Kings, Ram isn’t happy with this. Lav says it will be good if Ram comes and explains this. Shatrughan says its a small matter, he won’t come. Lav says he should come, is his ego coming in between.

Kush says yes, he is egoistic. Shatrughan asks them to be careful, they don’t know what they are talking about. Lav says the King who had kept a gold idol in yagya and didn’t get Sita back to Ayodhya. Kush says just Ram has the answers, we will free the horse when Ram comes here. Shatrughan says you don’t know about Ram and Sita’s true love, I want to talk to your mum. Lav says she already knows about this, we won’t stop you if you want to try. Shatrughan comes to Sita and touches her feet. He cries and says stop Lav and Kush, it will be painful to attack on them. Sita says we can’t change the fate, Valmiki has guided me. She tells him about Valmiki’s words.

Sita says its fate decision. Shatrughan says its right. He goes. Shatrughan asks Lav and Kush to fight him and his huge army. Lav says Shatrughan won’t attack us, he will try to scare us first. They fall down because of Shatrughan’s arrow. Kush says his motive to attack us is to make us step back, not injure us. Shatrughan says this was just my warning, next time my arrows won’t miss the aim, just use your senses and return the horse to us. Lav argues with Shatrughan. He asks him to attack them, they are standing in battle ground. Shatrughan says fine if you want this. Lav and Kush ignite some fire. Shatrughan closes eyes.

The soldiers fire the arrows. The black smoke spreads. Shatrughan doesn’t see them. He asks soldiers to take the horse, Lav and Kush are clever, its their plan. He sends the soldiers away. He says where are you Lav and Kush. Kush says you didn’t do this right by sending entire army, now who will protect you. They smile. Shatrughan asks who will protect you now, you made a big mistake. Kush whistles. The horses get away. Shatrughan’s chariot breaks. He falls down. Lav picks his sword. Kush shows the chariot wheel key. Lav says don’t worry, we have broken the chariot, we are vanvasi, all the animals here are our friends, command the army to return now, even you are captive now. Shatrughan asks soldiers to stop. He says you can take me anywhere. Lav says our motive is to meet Ram, we just want to meet him.


Luv Kush 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Shatrughan says I have lost to them. Laxman ssays I will not leave them. He shoots an arrow to hit Lav and Kush. Sita opens eyes.


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