Luv Kush 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 2nd December 2019 Written Episode Update, Luv Kush Written Update on

Luv Kush 2nd December 2019 Episode Start With the Sahukar asking Lav and Kush how did they defeat the bull. Kush says that bull was hungry, we fed him and now he is sleeping in the jungle. Lav says we just took Siya Ram’s name and got rid of this problem. The man asks can this happen that taking their name solves the problem. Lav says yes, it can solve any problem.

Kush says we will continue the story. He asks Sahukar not to stop him now, since he just said so. He taunts Sahukar. He says I know you want to know about the Mayavi bull, don’t worry, you will know the story yourself, take this as my last warning, we will end the problems and send the problems to you. Sahukar worriedly goes to Seth. The mayavi says the boys have Divya powers, did we create a problem for ourselves by going against them.

Lav asks why did you challenge them, we may fall in another problem. Kush says we can’t tell them anything now. Lav says if they doubt on our courage and powers, they can know our parents, we have come to change people’s thinking, not get their attention. Kush says its your wish if you want to stay in fear. Lav says your behavior is wrong. Kush says yes, I m wrong. He goes. Lav smiles and sings the song. Kush also sings the story. They go to the Praja and tell about Raavan. FB shows Raavan angrily coming to Sita. He scolds her.

He says you can’t go anywhere, none can take you from here, I did this to take revenge on Ram, your husband Ram is the reason for all this, I accept that I made this trap for revenge, but now I m not that Raavan, while bringing you here, by spending time with you in chariot, I didn’t realize when my revenge feeling changed into love.

He goes to Mandodari and says its true, I love Sita, I didn’t see such more beautiful woman than Sita. He smiles seeing Sita. He says you can get everything if you accept my proposal, become my queen, think of it, women of three loks are ready to accept me, but I want you, understand your beauty’s imp and accept me. She says you have much Gyaan, even then you don’t know the truth that nothing can attract me, you are a sinner for me, you did the sin to kidnap a woman, who loves just her husband, Shri Ram, I will always love him, you just see, Shri Ram will come and take revenge for my insult. She curses Raavan.

She says your end will be a lesson to mankind, any man who disrespects women will end, shri Ram will end you. Raavan says Ram couldn’t give you happiness, he can’t become the one to end me. She praises Ram’s powers. She says he has founded Dharm, when he uses his powers to kill you, then you will realize, you have to bend down in front of Ram. He smiles. She goes on scolding him. He shouts. Mandodari looks on. He says I had proposed you, but you are foolish to reject my proposal, look around and see everyone. She asks him to stay in limits and return to his palace. He asks will you teach me limits now, Mahadev can’t command me, then you, how will you command me, how can you do this, you have rejected my love proposal, now you will see my force, I will make you my queen tonight.


Luv Kush 3rd December 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Ram and Laxman meet Hanuman. Ram hugs Hanuman.


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