Luv Kush 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update


Luv Kush 23rd August 2019 Written Episode Update, Luv Kush Written Update on

Luv Kush 23rd August 2019 Episode Start With Ram explaining the kids that sunlight has to break to make a rainbow, I will be hurt to send you all away, when you gain knowledge and return home, I will be free from all the pain, you will become capable like Luv and Kush, I want you all to become like them, you will meet them and know it. They accept his decision and hug him. He says I knew this, I trust you all. He goes to do arrangements. They think of Luv and kush.

Luv and Kush decide to read Ramayan. He says I think Ram and Sita knew each other since births, we shall read about their first meet. They read about Ram and his brothers’ birth in Ayodhya palace. Dasharath and his queens are seen raising the children happily. Luv says we shall read ahead. Ram and Sita’s childhood are seen. Dasharath and Janak meet in Mithila. Janak welcomes Dasharath and his families. Janak welcomes Ram. Ram takes his blessings. Kaushalya asks where is Sita. Sunaina says she is five year old now, she is with me, but playing with her friends. Ram goes to meet Sita.

Kush says two friends, the royal families, they didn’t know that they are going to become relatives, Ram was finding Sita. Sita plays with her friends. Ram sees Sita and smiles. She runs. He runs after her. A throne is shown. Janak says we start all the puja in Mithila by this Shiv Purush, Mahadev gifted this to my ancestors. Dasharath says I m lucky to see this blessing. Sita comes there and hides. Ram looks for her. Sita moves aside. The table gets a jerk. The dhanush falls down. The palace gets shaken up. Janki says I think the Dhanush has fallen, none is allowed to go there, how can Dhanush fall down.

Sita lifts the dhanush. Everyone comes and looks on. Sita says sorry, I know none is allowed to come here, I was playing and don’t know when I came here. She asks Janak is he angry on her. He says no, big warriors aren’t capable to lift this dhanush, you have lifted this with your little hands, how. Kaushalya says none could lift it, the reason isn’t Dhanush’s weight, but their heart, Sita’s heart and soul is free from all the burdens, so she felt this Dhanush weightless. She greets Sita. Janak asks Sita to come and keep the dhanush back. Sita keeps the dhanush. Janak announces that he will find the groom for Sita, the one who strings this Dhanush will marry Sita. Ram gives a flower to Sita. They smile. Luv and Kush like the coincidence.

They argue and read ahead. Luv says I want Ramayan to guide me, have patience. Dheera jokes on Kush. He sees them reading Ramayan. He asks what;s this, you are hiding here and reading Ramayan, I will tell everyone. They ask him not to tell anyone, what would he want for this. Dheera asks them to let him read Hanuman’s chapter. He says Valmiki has called you both. They ask why. Valmiki says Ramayan will be part of teachings now. They get glad. Valmiki says Ayodhya’s six princes will be coming here for getting educated. Sita goes away. Luv thinks is this thing worrying mum.


Luv Kush 26th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sita says Luv and Kush will be meeting their brothers. Valmiki says they will get their answer some day. Sita asks how will I answer them. Luv hears her.


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