Lockdown Ki Love Story 30th December 2020 Written Episode Update


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Lockdown Ki Love Story 30th December 2020 Episode starts with Milky going to play with Dhruv. He asks her to become a monkey. Sheetal says yes, she can dance like a monkey, make her dance. She asks Milky to dance so that she gets her husband. Milky dances. She says I got tired, I can’t do it. He says you have to play with me. She pinches him. He cries and shouts to Nutan. He shuts Milky in the cupboard. Sonam comes to meet Dhruv. She does aid to his hand. He asks her to meet his mum. He calls Nutan. Dheeraj says Dhruv has tired us. Nutan says you are blaming him for no reason. She goes to see Dhruv. Sonam asks him to keep their secret. Dhruv says I remember. Nutan comes. Sonam hides. Dhruv says I want to go out and play, everyone gets tired at home. Nutan says no, you play at home. Shashi comes. Nutan gets Dhruv’s childhood toys.

Shashi says you had kept Dhruv’s toys till now. Nutan says yes, I thought Dhruv’s children will play, but see he is playing with the toys again. Shashi hugs her and cries. He asks her to have faith. Dhruv asks Nutan to play with him. Nutan plays with him. Sonam smiles seeing them. Nutan gets tired and says I can’t run a lot after you, its my age. Sneha comes and brings pizza for him. Dhruv passes a pizza to Sonam. Shashi sees this. He goes to Nutan and keeps her engaged. Nutan goes to Dhruv. Dhruv says pizza is good. Shashi signs Sonam to go. Nutan gets medicines for Dhruv. Sonam jumps out of the window. Dhruv goes to play. Nutan says Dhruv didn’t take the medicines, how will he recover, talk to the doctor about him. She goes after Dhruv. Milky knocks the cupboard. Dhruv unlocks her. Nutan asks what happened.

Milky says Dhruv has locked me in the cupboard. Dhruv says I will say what she did. Milky says he is lying. Dhruv says she is a liar. Nutan scolds Milky. She says you won’t be good if you trouble my son. Sneha says some kids have come to meet Dhruv. The kids apologize to Dhruv and ask him to play with them. Dhruv asks shall I go with them. Shashi says let him go. Nutan says fine, go, but come back soon. Dhruv goes. Nutan asks how did the kids get sensible. Sonam thanks the kids’ parents. She says I promise to take care of kids, thanks for understanding Dhruv’s mental state. Dhruv sees Sonam. Sonam thanks the kids for listening to her and saying sorry to Dhruv. She gives them chocolates. Nutan comes there. She gets angry on Sonam.

She asks don’t you have any shame, no one supported you, you are bribing the kids. She warns Sonam again. Shashi looks on. Dhruv plays with the kids. Nutan asks Shashi to keep an eye on Sonam and not favor her. She calls Pratap and scolds him. She says Sonam has become poison for Dhruv, don’t know when will Dhruv recover, whatever happens to Sonam now, I won’t be responsible. Shashi asks Dhruv why is he sitting alone. Dhruv says I want to play with my buddy. Sonam comes and says I have come. Dhruv hugs her and asks where were you. Sonam says my mum stopped me, we will play now. Shashi gets Subhadra’s call. Sonam falls down. Dhruv asks what happened, did you get hurt. He says I will get ointment. He runs.

Subhadra asks Shashi to explain Sonam not to meet Dhruv, Pratap is very upset. He says I understand your concern, you should understand that Sonam isn’t a kid, she gets happy to be here, I can’t do anything. Dhruv applies the ointment to Sonam’s hand. Sheetal sees them together. She clicks a pic.


Lockdown Ki Love Story 31st December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Sheetal gets Nutan to some tantric. He fools her and asks her to feed something to Dhruv’s enemy. Nutan calls Sonam to convince her.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2020
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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