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Lockdown Ki Love Story 23rd October 2020 Episode starts with Sonam hiding from the kidnappers and thinking of making a video against Dhruv. Dhruv says I will go and see if Sonam is awake, why did she drop that plate. Milky thinks once he goes to Sonam in drunken state, his love can awaken. She says I will go and see, you take rest. She goes downstairs. Sonam thinks why is Milky coming. The kidnappers see Milky there and kidnap her. Sonam is shocked. She records the video. Dhruv says Sonam is out of my life forever.

Hulchul calls Sonam and asks are you okay. She says yes, but they kidnapped Milky, I will tell everyone. Hulchul says no need, I know those kidnappers, be thankful that you are safe, I will unite you and Dhruv. Sonam says I don’t want any union, I m worried for Milky, nothing wrong should happen with her, please. He says don’t worry, I will get to work, I will find her. He ends call and says we shall go. Bablu asks how will we stop Munna Bhavani, will we fight him. Hulchul says we will stop him by a drama and get Milky with us, like we sent Sonam to Dhruv’s house by a drama. Sonam says this is not right Dhruv, you promised to protect me, how can you hate me so much that you called kidnappers, you had put me in danger. She sits crying. She sees Mata Rani and prays. She thanks Maa for saving her life.

She prays for Milky. Hulchul and Bablu dress up as cops. They stop Munna Bhavani and his goons. They ask where are you going in lockdown. Bhavani says I m going to deliver sanitizers and mask, its urgent. Hulchul points gun and says stop the car. They check the car. They get the big box out if the car. Bhavani looks on. He signs his goons. Bhavani and the goons run away. Hulchul and Bablu get Milky. Its morning, Hulchul calls Milky’s mum. Milky’s mum answers. Hulchul says Milky is with us, much far from Dhruv. She says Milky is in her Sasural with her husband. Hulchul says she was there, but we have kidnapped her.

She gets shocked and gets up. She asks why did you do. Hulchul says listen to me, you have to tell Dhruv and his family the truth about the marriage. She says thieves came and robbed us that day. He says you think we are fools, tell the truth. She asks who are you. He says don’t investigate much, else it will affect you and your daughter, we will send Milky’s dead body to you. Her mum says don’t do this, Milky got her love by much difficulty, if anything happens to her, then everyone’s life will be ruined. He says just tell the truth if you want her alive, don’t tell anyone about kidnapping, else you will lose her, think well, you have to tell the truth or get her dead body. She worries. Hulchul says Sonam’s name will get cleared today. Sheetal and Nutan call out Milky. They act in front of Sonam and make her jealous.

Nutan asks Ankita to make tea for everyone. Dhruv comes and asks for ginger tea. He says don’t know what happened at night, I got a headache. Sonam says I also want ginger tea, I feel I was in sleep since years, I woke up today. Dhruv gets shocked seeing Sonam. He says Sonam is here, the box isn’t here, where did the box go, who went in the box. Sonam signs him. He says you…. here. She says where would I be. She sees the video of Milky’s kidnapping. Dhruv thinks. Sheetal says Dhruv is not answering Sonam, I m so happy. Nutan asks what’s the need to answer, I wish Sonam goes away. Dhruv goes. Nutan asks Sneha to look for Milky. Dhruv recalls Milky’s words. He says she came back to the room or not. Sneha says Milky isn’t here. Door bell rings. Milky’s mum comes home. She asks about Milky. Nutan says we thought she is at your house. Dhruv thinks Milky got kidnapped, no, this can’t happen, did they take Milky instead Sonam.


Lockdown Ki Love Story 26th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhruv looks for Milky. Milky’s mum cries and recalls Bablu’s words. She says I will tell them the truth. Sonam prays that her name gets cleared.

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Telecast Date:23rd October 2020
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