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Lockdown Ki Love Story 13th January 2021 Episode starts with Sonam thinking of her plans with Ankita. Ankita records Milky’s evil. Ankita comes to Sonam. Sonam asks Shashi to call the police. Milky says wait, what’s the hurry, just you can make videos, see my film making also. She shows Dhruv keeping a phone in the washroom. She says I made Dhruv do this, you know who got recorded, I can put Ankita’s bathing video on the internet, Dhruv will be blamed, tell me, who will go jailed. They get shocked. Sonam scolds Milky.

Milky says I knew Ankita will always be loyal to you, will you delete video or not. Dheeraj says delete it Sonam. Sonam cries and deletes the video. Milky says fine, but I can’t leave you all like this, you will get punished, Ankita will stay as my servant. She takes Ankita with her. Sonam asks how shall I save them, something wrong happens always, I feel Nutan is right, maybe I m unlucky for the family, I m sorry. Dheeraj says you both did right, when I felt lost, you both fought for Dhruv, we are proud of both of you. Nutan says this is called family, you came here as our luck, we will accept you as Dhruv’s wife by heart and promise on the Lohri night, I will make you both light the Lohri fire. Sonam hugs her.

Sheetal comes to Milky. She says you should have included me in your plan, I can’t stay on that road. Milky says fine, you have to prove that you are on my side. Sheetal says okay, I will tell you, Nutan has vowed to make Sonam and Dhruv burn Lohri, I will not let it happen, I will make them fight. Milky says you gave the right info, I will burn the Lohri with Dhruv, I m his wife, I won’t let Sonam get this happiness. They shake hands.

Sheetal says Sonam, your tapasya has worked, Nutan said she will accept you as her Bahu, go and invite your parents, we will talk to them. Sonam says yes, you are right, mom and dad will be happy to see this. Nutan prepares for Lohri. Milky comes and says leave it, don’t work hard. She says I will burn Lohri with Dhruv. She asks her goons to break the tent. She threatens Nutan.

Sonam comes to meet Pratap and Subhadra. She says I have come to invite you on Lohri, Nutan has accepted me as her Bahu. Pratap says she has no option, Dhruv won’t get any girl, they are homeless now, I can’t forgive them for sending me to jail. She says its time to make a new start, I want my mom and dad to stand by me. Subhadra says Pratap, I think you should be part of Sonam’s happiness. Sonam says I will be much hurt if you don’t come, you never refused me for anything, my happiness had been priority for you. Pratap says okay. She thanks and hugs him.

Subhadra says I will go market and get gifts, then we will go together. Nutan says you have seen my weakness, not strength, I won’t get scared of this. Milky asks really. Goon gets a hot spoon. Milky goes to Dhruv. Nutan cries. Dhruv asks Nutan to come with her, don’t get angry on Milky. Sonam brings her parents. They see the lights in the house. Sheetal says welcome, Nutan wants Dhruv and Milky to burn Lohri together. Pratap asks is this your new start, did you get us here for this, did you trust Sheetal. Nutan says I didn’t say anything. Pratap says you always insult us. Sonam says I didn’t ask you to accept me, I went to invite my parents, you insulted them, you played a game with me. Pratap asks what can we expect from her. Shashi says you can’t talk to my wife like this. Milky and Sheetal smile. Shashi and Pratap argue.

Dhruv pushes Pratap. Sonam says kids don’t behave like that, Dhruv. Nutan asks how can you scold him. Sonam says you should teach him. They argue. Milky smiles. Sheetal says I told you, I will make them fight, I will bring sweets from kitchen. She goes. Milky asks them to calm down. She says I will burn Lohri with Dhruv, I m his wife. She asks for the firetorch. Sheetal says its here. She threatens Milky with the firetorch. FB shows Sheetal asking Sonam why didn’t you send me. She says I want to rectify my mistakes, trust me and see, but I will prove, I want to repent. FB ends.

Milky asks what are you doing. Sheetal asks her to get to the corner. She says don’t think I m Sonam, I will really burn you alive and say sorry, its an accident.


Lockdown Ki Love Story 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Milky goes and burns Nutan’s shawl. Sonam and everyone try to save her. Milky threatens Dhruv. He falls down.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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