Lockdown Ki Love Story 12th January 2021 Written Episode Update


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Lockdown Ki Love Story 12th January 2021 Episode starts with Sonam apologizing to Nutan. Nutan says no, you have always alerted me of Milky, I didn’t listen to you. She says we all need you. They think what will they eat in dinner. A man comes and says there was some food left over in the restaurant, you can have it. He gives the food parcel and goes. Sonam picks the food and gives to everyone. Ankita gets upset seeing the hair in the food. She says we have no roof over head and food to have, Sonam is responsible for this. Dheeraj asks what are you saying, we all are together in this tough time. Milky sees this and smiles. Nutan says you got worried in just one day, I never blamed anyone and Lord have given us a lot. Shashi nods.

Ankita asks will we also spend years in poverty, I didn’t think this when I married. She gets angry. Its night, Sonam goes to Dhruv and applies the ointment to his wounds. She kisses him. She leaves. Its morning, Shashi says we can’t do anything, else Milky will hurt Dhruv. Milky comes and snatches the money from Shashi. Sonam says you have no right on this money. Milky says I will decide it myself, don’t forget that Dhruv is still with me, think what I can do with him. Dhruv comes and looks scared. Milky scares them. Shashi says we won’t take the money. Milky sends Dhruv away. She asks Sonam to earn money and take care of the family.

Milky says remember this is my house now. Ankita says please, I want to come inside. Nutan and Dheeraj scold her. Milky asks Ankita to fall on her knees and apologize. Nutan says don’t do this. Sonam says no need to do all this. Ankita begs to Milky. She says please let me stay in the house, forgive me. Milky says I have forgiven you, come. Pratap comes with Subhadra. He says you have no house, food or money, shall we go home now. Subhadra says we have seen everything, Nutan used to blame you before and now Ankita, everyone’s faith breaks when situation gets bad, you can’t do anything. Sonam says no, my faith is still there, I won’t go, I will change whatever is happening here. Subhadra says fine, at least keep some money. Pratap says no need, she will learn when the life teaches her lessons. They leave. Sonam cries.

Nutan says don’t get dishearten, you got many votes before, now you have all the votes to rule, don’t worry. She gives her gold bangles and asks her to sell it, its made for the tough times. They start a tailoring shop with the money. Sonam and Nutan stitch masks and clothes. Milky looks on. She snatches the money. Nutan says its Sonam’s hard earned money, give it back. Sonam says you can’t rule outside the house. She takes the money back. Milky scolds her and angrily goes to Dhruv. She heats a spoon to torture Dhruv. Ankita stops her. Milky scolds her. Ankita says don’t burn Dhruv further, else it will be a trouble for her, better take revenge on one you are fighting. Milky thinks. She makes Dhruv dance like a monkey. Sonam and everyone get shocked. Sonam stops them. Milky asks her to stop her business. Sonam asks why, will you give us money. Milky says fine, then we will make him dance like this. She asks goon to break a bottle. She asks Dhruv to dance on the glass pieces. Sonam agrees to her. Shashi asks the neighbors to leave. Dhruv hugs Sonam. Milky sends him away. Sonam says Milky will go jail now, wait. She shows the recording in the phone. They see Milky threatening Dhruv. Ankita smiles.


Lockdown Ki Love Story 13th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Milky shows a video of Dhruv keeping a mobile in the bathroom. She says I can put the video of Ankita’s bathing on the internet, Dhruv will be blamed and go to jail. Everyone gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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