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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 8th September 2021 Sadhna visits Raghav’s house. Jwala asks what she came at this time. Sadhna says she was worried for Arun, so came to pick him up. Maithili greets her and asks how is she. Sadhna ignores her. Arun asks why didn’t she reply Maithili. Sadhna calling her Maithu asks how is she. Arun thinks Sadhna never spoke so sweet to Maithili. Sadhna insists him to return home with her and holding his hand forcefully takes him along. Maithili asks Arun to return again. Jwala asks Maithili to end her drama now as her father is gone and orders her to sleep in Sneha’s room. Maithili thinks why did Sadhna come at midnight, if Jwala called her as she didn’t want her to sleep in Raghav’s room, she needs to find out what is going on here.

Next morning, Maithili while performing tulsi pooja hears Jwala speaking to marriage broker Chedi and ordering him to find another girl for Raghav with huge dowry. She prepares tea in kitchen after sometime when Bhanu enters and tries to flirt with her. Raghav enters angrily and warns him to be in his limits and stay away from his wife and warns Maithili not to serve anything to Bhanu. Maithili says she is quiet as she doesn’t want Bhanu to face humiliation in front of his daughter and warns him to be in his limits as Raghav said. Raghav walks to Jwala and says he is tolerating Bhanu because of Rani and asks her to control Bhanu and warn him not to misuse their goodness.

Arun asks Sadhna why did she come at midnight to pick him up and speak so sweetly to Maithili, he stayed in Maithili’s house and realized her loneliness and wrong happening in that house, he also sensed Sadhna’s involvement in it, hence Sadhana should stop her conspiracies against Maithili. Maithili returns home from interview speaking to Aarti over phone and saying she feels Raghav is not bad as she thinks. Aarti says she sent her a voice mail regarding job interviews. Maithili opens voice mail box and finding another voice mail opens it. She hears Raghav’s prewedding voicemail and breaks down realizing Raghav is not wrong. Chanchal rushes to her and asks if she is fine. She says yes and seeks his help.

Jwala gets ready to meet new family with Raghav’s alliance. Rani asks her to hurry up as guests may arrive anytime. Jwala says now its her time. Rani asks what to do with 7=day bride. Jwala says she will be out after 7 days. Bhanu informs that guests have come. Jwala goes out to welcome them. Guests get out of car with girl covering her face with pallu and trying to remove it. Mother stops her and says its her in-laws’ house. Jwala takes them in. Father says he has only one daughter Rumjhum Kumari who dreamt of becoming an officer since childhood. Jwala says now she can become an officer’s wife. Father describes how wealthy he is and everything belongs to his daughter.

Jwala says hers after marriage and asks if he brought dowry. He gives money bag and asks to call Raghav to seek his opinion. Jwala says they as elders respect dowry ritual and should continue this legacy, but Raghav considers dowry as a menace. Girl drops tea cup hearing that. Mother scolds her. Jwala says her new bahu is very innocent and not like her present bahu who is very intelligent. She insists to see girl’s face and is about to remove her pallu when Bhanu singals that that Chanchal is coming. Jwala gets tensed and sends girl and parents away. Chanchal walks with them. Girl removes her veil revealing she is Maithili and remembers how she with Chanchal planned all this. She cries remembering her dowry complaint against Raghav and family and then gets happy thinking Raghav is not like his family and is same whom she loved, remembering all his good deeds.


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Telecast Date:8th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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