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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 6th September 2021 Maithili says Arun/papa will go home. Singhal asks why? Maithili says doctor advised papa to have dinner before 8 p.m. and sleep before 10 p.m., they all can stay back. Guest says they should give some space for newly wed couple. Arun thinks he needs to stay back and find out reason behind Maithili’s strange behavior. After guests leave, Jwala says they should clean the mess.

Chanchal congratulates Maithili for handling the situation well. Raghav thanks her and asks why she was behaving weirdly with Arun sir. Maithili says someone wanted to spoil the dinner party, remembering Jwala’s conspiracies. Jwala asks why would anyone do this. Maithili says she should say. Maithili rudely warns her not to behave like a wife and DIL as she should leave this house in a week. Maithili confronts her. Arun asks her not to create any drama again. Arun returns. Maithili gets tensed and asks why did he return. Arun says his car is stuck due to heavy rain and he is not feeling well, so can he stay here tonight. Maithili denies and insists him to go. Raghav stops her and insists Arun to stay back. Arun thinks he will find out what is going in Maithili’s life. Arun scolds Maithili for misbehaving with her father.

Maithili rushes to Raghav’s room while he is changing clothes and insists him to act as loving and caring for her immensely and know her minute necessities. Raghav asks why should he, she should tell her father that she will leave this house in 6 days. She says then papa will not let that happen and reminds that even he lied in front of papa, then he should help her in this drama. On other other side, Bhanu provokes Jwala that her son is falling for her bahu and mimics Maithili acting as romancing Raghav. He says he wants her to kick Maithili out of house and bring another bahu with a huge dowry.

Maithili takes her suitcase and heads towards Raghav’s room when Sneha stops her and asks where is she going. Maithili says to Raghav’s room. Sneha wears Bhanu’s monkey cap. Maithili identifies her certificate thief wearing it and asks whose cap is it. Sneha says her papa’s and requests not to inform police that she stole her papa’s cap. On the other side, Jwala panics seeing Maithili decorating Raghav’s room with her and Raghav’s wedding pics and starts emotionally blackmailing Raghav reminding his promise to divorce Maithili. Raghav says he remembers everything and is just acting. She continues her drama and says she doesn’t want Arun to know the truth or else he will fill a complaint against Raghav. Raghav as usual falls in her trap.

On terrace, Rani while collecting dried clothes boasts in front of Arun that only she works in this house. Arun asks what about Maithili. Rani says why would she work when she doesn’t belong to this house. Arun gets suspicious. Jwala heads towards terrace when Maithili stops her and confronts her for spoiling her certificates with Bhanu’s help. Jwala denies. Maithili threatens to inform Raghav.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 7th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Jwala emotionally blackmails Raghav to control his feelings reminding her humiliation in police station. Maithili tries to get intimate with Raghav. Sadhna reaches Maithili’s house to take Arun back home.

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Telecast Date:6th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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