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Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 11th August 2021 Jwala eagerly waits for 50 lakhs dowry money from Arun and asks Mangi and Rani if Arun or Sadhna called on landline. They nod no Jwala thinks why they are delaying. Door bell rings. Rani gets happy thinking money came and rushe3s towards door saying she will see the money first. Jwala stops her and opens door saying she played the drama and will see the money first. They all 3 stand shocked seeing something. Raghav also hearing door bell ringing opens door thinking Maithili came and stands stocked. Mangi asks Jwala what is she thinking. Jwala says she thought she will see a door to wealth, but saw jail door and don’t know if they will come out of it or not. Camera zooms out and show them sitting in jail.

Raghav reaches police station and seeing his parents behind bars rushes to them and asks why they are behind bars. Jwala acts. Inspector walks to him asks who is he. He says he is officer Raghav Kumar. Inspector says he and his family are arrested on dowry charges and the girl herself filed complaint. Raghav asks which girl he is talking about. Inspector says whom he is marrying and as he knows, they have to take an action. Raghav shatters hearing that and remembers their romantic moments. Maithili reaches police station and files divorce case against Jwala and Mangi. Inspector asks to complain against even the groom as per procedure. She reminisces Raghav acting good and then Arun informing her about him involvement and suggesting her to do whatever she feels is right. Out of flashback, inspector informs that they had gone to their house to call them and take their statement, but his mother misbehaved with constable and hence they had to arrest his parents.

Shekhar asks her if she did right by complaining against Raghav’s family. Maithili says her papa taught her to fight if she feels right, hence she will fight this battle at any cost. Jwala cries and asks Raghav to get her out of jail as she is feeling suffocated. Raghav says he spoke to the authorities. Inspector frees Jwala and Mangi and asks Raghav to record their statement. Raghav hugs Jwala and asks them to go home while he finishes formalities here. Jwala thinks Maithili didn’t do right and pay for it.

Maithili returns home. Bhavana and Aarti ask where she had been as they were trying to call her since long and where is Shekhar. Maithili says she took Shekhar jiju to police station to complain against Raghav and his family. Aarti asks if she spoke to Raghav. Maithili asks about Arun. Aarti says he is fine now and resting after taking his medicines. Maithili walks towards her room. Jwala and Mangi get out of police station. Social activists surround them and demand to arrest them for their heinous act, ask if they are not ashamed to sell their son. Shekhar covers the story and plans to play it live on internet. Maithili returns to her room heartbroken and cries remembering Raghav and her happier moments. Raghav also remembers same and gets angry, heartbroken.

Social activists blacken Jwala and Mangi’s faces. Jwala calls Raghav. Raghav rushes to them, clears activists, and seeing their faces black hugs and consoles Jwala. Activists try to blacken their faces again. Raghav warns to dare not touch his parents. Maithili wipes her tears and thinks she did right. Aarti shows live news to Maithili. Arun’s friend calls him and asks him to watch the news. Jwala sees Shekhar there and informs Raghav. Raghav thinks Maithili is behind all this. Activists allege Raghav that being an officer, he and his family demanded dowry. He says they are alleging them without knowing the true story and just reacted on a complaint. Shekhar questions what about a girl’s dignity, why would she file complaint on her wedding day. Raghav says she would have met him or his parents before complaining, instead she sent her BIL to humiliate his parents and filed a complaint against them, he will never forgive her for this and will support his parents, etc. Jwala watches the news.


Lakshmi Ghar Aayi 12th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Jwala asks Raghav to request Maithili to take back her complaint. He says he will not plead a girl who insulted his parents. Mangi pleads Arun and Maithili to take back complaint, and they deny. Jwala jumps from terrace. Raghav gets the news and reacts.

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Telecast Date:11th August 2021
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar



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