Ladies Special 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Ladies Special Written Update

Ladies Special 16th July 2019 Written Episode Update, Ladies Special Written Update on

Ladies Special 16th July 2019 Episode Start With Mota Pappa/MP over phone informs Bindu’s father that he found a boy for Bindu. Father asks who is the boy. MP says he knows boy from childhood, Kotak’s son Umedh. Father gets excited hearing that. MP says he will do kanyadaan. Farther agrees. MP asks him and Faiba to come to Mumbai soon. On the other side, Mandar’s boss hires insurance agent and asks him to insure Meghna Nikade’s Swapna Garments. Agent asks reason. Manager gives him money bundle and asks to do as they say. At Meghna’s factory, workers do OT. Khadar bhai asks Meghna to rest as she is pregnant. Meghna says when her employees trust her so much and are working, how can she rest. She sees employee about to injure her hand falling asleep while stitching and stops her on time. Next morning, she brings breakfast for employees. Khadar bhai jokes that rats were jumping in his stomach.

Insurance agent walks in and insists Meghna to buy insurance to avoid any unforeseen circumstances like rat infiltration last time. Meghn asks how does he know. He says whole locality is discussing about it and people need topic to gossip, she will get 50 lakhs cover for 50,000 rs premium. Meghna says she does not have money to pay premium now. Insurance agent leaves. Meghna returns home and finds insurance agent there and scolds him for following her even there. Agent says he has a special offer for her. Baba says she should insure even her factory like she insured her car. Meghna agrees and buys 1 crore insurance cover instead of 50 lakhs.

Amar walks into hospital when all his staff congratulate him that his and and Kangana’s wedding date is fixed on 10th and they all need double party. Amar angrily scolds them to get back to work and walking into Kangana’s cabin scolds her for informing whole staff and walks away with a few more yelling. Kangna starts crying. Punith walks in and asks what happened to Amar. Kangana explains situation. He says one needs mini fights to spice up their relationships. He asks her to cheer up Amar by singing his favorite song. She signs. He jokes she sings like a crow, then says nightingale and once she leaves to check patients, he sings for her. She returns and walks back smiling hearing his singing.

Bindu gives medicine to MP. MP says if he takes medicine and sleeps, how will he arrangements of 2 weddings. Amar returns home and angrily scolds him to have medicine. MM asks him to have pakoras made by Bindu. Amar scolds MP for taking oily food and not controlling his cholesterol, BP, etc.. Bindu walks behind him and giving him water asks why he was so angry on MP, it was not his usual anger. She continues her explanation and calms him down.

Mandar’s boss asks manager to call Raghu goon to end Meghna’s matter. Mandar speaking over phone with manager hears that and asks manager who took Meghna’s name. Manager says it is some other Meghna and asks him to check files and bring them tomorrow. Raghu walks in. Boss orders to steal at Meghna’s factory. Raghu says it is not possible with so many employees present. Boss orders to burn factory then. Manager says employees will also be burnt. Boss says he does not care. Mandar and Meghna dance practice at night in front of children and Baba wearing suit and gown.


Ladies Special 17th July 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Amar confesses MP that he had selected right life partner for him, he loves Bindu and not Kangana. Meghna shatters seeing her factory burnt.


Ladies Special Details

Ladies Special Season 2 (Hindi: लेडीज स्पेशल सीजन 2) is an upcoming Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Chhavi Pandey, Bijal Joshi, and Girija Oak in lead role. This serial is made under the Production of Optimystix Entertainment. It is Starts/Launch on Coming Soon in 2018. This serial Replace to KBC 10.Ladies Special is popular show an of Sony Entertainment Television (India). This show was Telecasted on 25 May – 9 December 2009. The show makers are come back with her second season.

The first season of Ladies Special was completely about the story of 4 leading ladies who traveled by train in the show and then their lives story were started in parallel way. At that time, the Ladies Special Season 2 show was not that much appreciated by the audience. So that’s why the makers of the show are planning to bring second season.

Cast : 

Girija Oak
Chhavi Pandey
Bijal Joshi

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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