Ladies Special 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Meghna’s Delivery In Local Train


Ladies Special 15th August 2019 Written Episode Update, Ladies Special Written Update on

Ladies Special 15th August 2019 Episode Start With Bindu over phone tells Kangnaa that she realized that she not only has amnesia but also something else. Kangna nervously says nothing to worry. Bindu insists to tell as she felt dizzy and coughed up blood. Kangna gets tensed. Bindu asks if she is going to die. Kanga says she will be alright soon. Bindu requests her not to inform Amar about it. Kangna says Amar is a doctor and should know about her condition. Bindu says Amar is a loving husband and cannot tolerate it. Kangna agrees, then calls her father and informs him about Bindu’s condition. He asks her to inform Amar to bring Bindu to hospital before she gets fits attack and even her father is reaching hospital. He asks if her father is out of station. She says yes and is on the way. Amar walks to Bindu and says he is going to hospital and if she can accompany him again. She denies and gets busy preparing dinner. She walks towards MP and MM holding food when she falls unconscious. Amar, MM, and MP rush to her. Amar then rushes her in his car.

Mandar is busy preparing Chinese dish for Meghna when Meghna gets labor pains. He rushes her towards hospital in auto when they get stuck in traffic jam. A boy runs stealing bun and shop owner catches him and says he will hand him over to police. Meghna asks Mandar to pay for bun and asks boy why he stole bun. Boy says he was hungry. Meghna asks where does he stay. He says he doesn’t want to go home as his parents will beat him for scoring low marks in exam. Meghna insists to tell where he stays and drops him home in auto. At home, mother cries for her son and gets very happy seeing him returning home. Driver says this lady saved him being sent to police station and brought him home. Mother thanks Meghna. Meghna gets back in auto and Mandar asks to take them to hospital soon. Driver says there would be heavy traffic now, so they should go by train. Mandar asks to drop them to local train station then.

Amar with Bindu drives car towards hospital when Bindu wakes up and asks where are they going. He says to have dinner at hospital. Mid way car breaks down near cinema hall. Amar calls his mechanic for help and tries to restart car, but fails. Bindu insists him to take her to cinema hall as she wants to relive all her memories. Amar informs that he lied partially and reveals her whole story. She collapses again. He tries to stop vehicles to seek help, but nobody does. Finally he stands in front of a car which stops and Umedh comes out. They rush Bindu towards hospital.

Meghna and Mandar gets into local train where Meghna’s labor pain increases. Mandar asks passengers if there is doctor among them. Lady doctor walks to them and there is no time to reach hospital and delivery should happen here. Passengers help and Meghna delivers a baby girl.

Ladies Special 16th August 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Unconscious Bindu is taken on stretcher to ICU while Bindu is taken to maternity ward. Har pal in the background.


Ladies Special Details

Ladies Special Season 2 (Hindi: लेडीज स्पेशल सीजन 2) is an upcoming Hindi TV Serial on Sony TV channel. Chhavi Pandey, Bijal Joshi, and Girija Oak in lead role. This serial is made under the Production of Optimystix Entertainment. It is Starts/Launch on Coming Soon in 2018. This serial Replace to KBC 10.Ladies Special is popular show an of Sony Entertainment Television (India). This show was Telecasted on 25 May – 9 December 2009. The show makers are come back with her second season.

The first season of Ladies Special was completely about the story of 4 leading ladies who traveled by train in the show and then their lives story were started in parallel way. At that time, the Ladies Special Season 2 show was not that much appreciated by the audience. So that’s why the makers of the show are planning to bring second season.

Cast : 

Girija Oak
Chhavi Pandey
Bijal Joshi

Seasons : 2 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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