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Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th June 2021 Episode starts with Amrit asking did you play any game to trap Randhir. Veer asks are you asking me or telling me. She scolds him. He says hug me and save me from falling, I heard love is strong, save me from falling down. Amrit says you know much about love, you would know that love can’t be bought, what you did with me is a deal, I can’t hug you. Vijender says we didn’t get anything in all the quarters. Veer asks did you check Randhir’s room. Vijender says no, we will go and check, take Nalini along. They go and check the room. Veer smiles and thinks Randhir will be blamed when they get the poison bottle, then he will be going away, then I will see how Amrit doesn’t hug me. Vijender says there is nothing. Veer asks how can this happen, did you check well. Randhir says maybe you get what you are looking for. He recalls Veer and the servant leaving from his room. He goes to check. He checks the cupboard. He finds the poison bottle. FB ends.

Randhir says like you have enemies in the party, maybe I have enemies in this palace, who doesn’t want me to get close to you, maybe someone wants to make me fall in your sight, I should also get a chance of justice, I want everyone’s rooms to be checked here. Mohan asks shall we get insulted, what nonsense. Randhir says even workers have respect, if we are blamed, then we should get a chance to prove our innocence. Nalini agrees. Veer asks how can you agree. Nalini says many times, we get cheated by family, not outsiders. She asks Vijender to check all the rooms.

Veer’s room gets checked. Randhir says I didn’t know you will get tensed. Veer says I know what game you are playing. Randhir says I know. He recalls keeping the bottle in Veer’s drawer to frame him. He says now Amrit will know whom she has married. Amrit says its not here. She goes to check the drawer. Veer worries. Randhir thinks now Veer will get trapped in his own plan, what will he tell Nalini now. Amrit says there is nothing. Randhir asks did you check well. He checks and thinks where did the bottle go. Amrit hides the bottle. Vijender says who can do this. Veer smiles.

Uday says its good the truth came out, you don’t need to worry for anyone. Vashma cries. Uday says until we are together, we don’t need to worry. Vashma says yes, but I have to tell Saroj about my stay at the brothel, I m not ashamed. He says calm down, you are saying this because your heart is clean, you are pure, we understand this, Saroj will not understand this. He says look at Randhir’s state, Amrit cheated him. She says I think we are misunderstanding her. He says I know she isn’t such, maybe she is doing this for luxurious life, you just promise me, you won’t tell the truth to Saroj. She nods. He says even if she knows it, then I will answer her, you don’t worry. She hugs him.

Someone adds a liquid in Veer’s alcohol bottle. Veer drinks. He says who moved the bottle from Randhir’s room, is Amrit supporting him. Amrit goes out to throw the poison. Randhir catches her. He says you saved Veer again, you knew that he kept the poison bottle in my room to frame me, he isn’t a good son and good person, he risked his mum’s life to take his revenge on me. Amrit says you could have thrown this bottle, but you kept this in Veer’s room to put the blame on him, I had seen you going to Veer’s room, I knew you have hidden the bottle in his room, I was right, just Veer isn’t wrong. He smiles. He says you are defending Veer, I m ashamed to love a girl like you. She says I don’t want to talk about the past, I will not let Veer fall in trouble. He says I will expose his truth to Nalini, give me the bottle. She refuses and goes. They fall down. Veer comes there and looks on.

Vijender says I won’t leave the person who did this with you, I can’t take this right, I will hire a bodyguard for you. Nalini says fine, as you find right. Mohan comes to talk to her. He argues and asks Vijender to leave. Vijender asks her to hurry up, we have to go to meet the party chief. He goes. Mohan asks what’s this daily drama, I have taken a decision, you and your son took everything, just I can handle this responsibility of Shrigadh throne. She says Veer will get this responsibility. He says I won’t let this happen. She asks are you threatening me. He says I m just advising you. Someone hears this and goes to hit a dart on Veer’s pic. Amrit breaks the bottle. She asks how will you prove a son wrong in mum’s eyes. Randhir says I was misunderstanding you, you fell in my eyes today.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 10th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Amrit scolds Veer. He says I don’t want a son to fall in his mum’s eyes. Veer and Randhir have a fight. Amrit comes and stops Randhir.

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Telecast Date:9th June 2021
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