Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 8th February 2021 Episode starts with Bhanu and Rajrani coming home. Bhanu asks about Amrit. Lala says we will get a good news. Rajrani hugs Zaheda. Zaheda says our daughters will be fine. Radha prays for Uday. She says I have seen Brij’s love for Uday for the first time. Amrit gets caught by some men. Randhir comes and saves her. He fights the men. Amrit looks on. Randhir takes her away. Uday sees the men getting beaten. He goes to help. Vashma cries. Uday says you should play with hockey, you are using it to break the country. The man asks him to get away. Uday says give the hockey back. The men stop him and ask what are you doing with our religion girl. Vashma makes Uday wear a cap and says wear this, identity is imp than life. The men ask Uday to keep wearing the cap so that they know that Lahore belongs to them. Uday gets shocked. Uday takes Vashma. They run away.

Bua asks Brij where did Radha go, did she get tired and went to rest. Brij looks for Radha. Iqbal says at least we got to know that our daughters are safe. Uday brings Vashma home. Brij says Uday and Vashma have come. Brij goes to Uday worriedly. Lala hugs Uday. He prays that he gets news of Amrit’s welfare. Phone rings. Lala answers the call. Amrit says its me, your Amrit. Amrit says don’t worry, I m at the radio station, Randhir got me here, I m fine. Lala says Amrit is fine. Rajrani takes the phone and asks are you fine, where are you. Amrit says I m okay, don’t worry for me. Amrit recalls Randhir saving her. Radha thanks Mata. Abrar asks Vashma where did she go. Vashma says I went to market to buy a gift for my friend, riots began. Bua sees Vashma’s earring in Uday’s tshirt. She says you went for your work, Uday went for his work, how did you both come together. She gets Vashma’s earring from his tshirt.

Vashma says I saw Uday and went to him, I sat beside him, maybe my earring got stuck. Bua says take your thing. Randhir covers up Amrit. He drives the car. Radha comes to Brij and says you worry a lot for Uday, Uday may not know it, I have seen your love for him today, when he has come, have food, feed the food to him. He says if you were worried for him, why didn’t you worry for him, you were resting here. Radha says no, I wasn’t resting. She thinks not to tell about mannat. He holds her burnt hand. She feels hurt. She says no. Lala says Amrit has come. Radha happily goes to see. Lala hugs Amrit. He thanks Randhir. Bua asks how did Amrit and Randhir meet. Kiran asks Amrit how did you reach Randhir when you went to satsang. Lala says she went to get help to the radio station and met Randhir, get sweet for everyone. Uday recalls the incident. He thinks I can wipe off the blood marks from my body, but how will I wipe off the difference between the religions.

Amrit thinks of Randhir. She thinks shall I regard you a nice person or not. Randhir plays music. Amrit looks at him. Brij recalls Radha and gets angry. He thinks Radha has come in this house for money and comforts. Its morning, Rajrani says we will do aarti today. Uday sees Vashma coming. He recalls the incident again. Vashma sends Zara. She helps Uday in work and smiles holding his hand. He gets away. She asks is this true to get ready to sacrifice a life when we fall in true love, whatever happened yesterday, my belief on love got sure.

He says but my belief broke. She asks what. He says there is a big difference between us, which we can never end. She cries. She asks did you get scared, we are together, our love. He says there is no love or any feelings for you, forget this as any drama. He goes. She cries. Amrit thanks Randhir for saving her. He asks her not to thank. He asks what’s the matter. She says I don’t want to answer you, I don’t want to see your face again. He stops her and asks what happened that you don’t want to see my face. She says you aren’t trustworthy, you are a cheat, you talk big things, you save lives by risking your life, you are cheating the world by someone’s name, I don’t want to keep any terms with you. He gets sad. Brij goes to get the gold coins sack from the locker.

Bua looks on. Brij gives the potlis. He finds some potli filled with cotton. He gets shocked. He asks where did the coins go, Radha had kept this sack here. He goes to ask for Radha. Bua says so much anger, forgive her if she did anything wrong, everyone is in aarti, she would be there. He goes to Radha. Bua smiles. Everyone attends aarti. Amrit and Vashma are sad. Randhir goes. Bua does the aarti. Brij sees Radha. Radha does the aarti and goes to give aarti to everyone. Brij angrily slaps Radha. Radha falls down. Amrit shouts to Brij. Lala stops her. She asks does anyone slap his wife. Brij says Radha is a thief, she has robbed this house. Everyone gets shocked. Amrit writes the diary… this morning wasn’t like every morning, hearts, dreams and trust broke that day.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 9th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Brij throws Radha out of the house and asks her not to come inside the house. Amrit asks Radha to go back home if she isn’t wrong. Randhir asks Amrit to make him meet Ranjhan. Kiran asks how.

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Telecast Date:8th February 2021
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