Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th February 2021 Episode starts with Randhir and Amrit having a romantic moment. Bua looks on shocked. She gets angry and goes. Amrit asks are you sure that you will convince dad, this dream will be fulfilled. She says I don’t know what’s written in our fate. Abrar says I spoke to Farooq, he is ready to marry Vashma, we should prepare for the marriage. Zaheda says its a good news. She asks Iqbal why is he upset. Iqbal says Farooq has to promise me that he will never doubt on Vashma. Vashma thinks I have to tell Uday about this. Vashma worries. Zaheda asks who made ink fall on your clothes. Vashma says Amrit. Abrar asks her to have sweets.

He says you won’t go to Amrit’s house now. Vashma says none can stop me from going there, know it, I won’t let you guard me. He says I will see who stops a brother from protecting his sister, you do anything, you will be married to Farooq. He eats the sweets. Brij recalls Radha’s words. He asks her why did she say that to Uday, did he say anything again. Radha gets hiccups. He asks what happened. She makes an excuse. She goes to sleep. She says what will happen if Brij knows that I have lied. Brij thinks one of them is lying to me. Its morning, Lala reads the Ramayana to Amrit. Radha says I will learn everything soon, whatever I did with Radha, I m sorry, forgive me. Lala smiles and asks her to sit. He says Amrit is so obedient since childhood, I m proud of her thinking. Rajrani also praises Amrit. Lala tells the story ahead. Amrit thinks will my wish also get fulfilled, will dad really agree, can Randhir’s dad convince my dad. He asks what are you thinking. Radha says she would be thinking that the garland will fall and her wish will get fulfilled. Lala laughs. Amrit prays and cries.

Randhir’s parents come. Randhir asks them to convince Lala to get him married to Amrit, not Kiran. His dad says Lala will get angry on me for breaking the promise. His mum says Randhir will be marrying by his wish, his choice of girl. Karamchand says I will tell Lala, but he may not agree. She says he will not refuse for the alliance, just the girl is changing. Randhir says please convince Lala. His dad asks him not to take tension.

Lala asks Radha did she understand, come for paath every day. Vashma comes and cries. She signs Abrar. Lala asks her to come. Abrar says I will go to office in some time. Vashma signs Amrit to take the letter. Lala asks Amrit to check Rajrani and help her in the kitchen. Abrar says guests will come, Amrit is busy, come with me. Vashma says I will help Amrit. Lala says fine, go. Radha sees the letter and thinks Vashma wants to give letter to Uday. Abrar insists Vashma to come. Lala asks her to go. He goes. Radha asks Vashma to go, she will help Rajrani. She talks to Vashma and takes the letter. Vashma smiles. Radha asks her to go home. Vashma signs Radha and goes. Radha says maybe its for Uday. Uday wears his shirt. Radha comes and gives the letter. Uday signs her to keep it there. Radha keeps the letter and goes. Brij looks on and asks did you had some work with him. Radha says nothing, I came to give him something. He asks what. She says actually…Uday checks the letter. He worries reading Vashma’s letter.

Brij asks Radha again. Radha worries. Uday comes and says she made laddoos for me. Brij says then its good. Brij goes. Radha says I can’t lie more to Brij. Uday says just give me some time. Radha prays in the room. Bua makes Kiran ready and asks her to meet Randhir’s parents. Kiran cries and hugs Lala. She says I miss Bau ji a lot. Lala asks her to calm down and come to meet the guests. Kiran and Bua meet Randhir’s parents. Karamchand says Randhir liked Amrit, not Kiran, if you don’t have an objection, then we will get his marriage done with Amrit. Randhir’s mum says we want him to marry by his wish. Bua asks what can we say if Amrit and Randhir are destined to meet. She says I want to tell you something. Randhir waits there. Bua says I will talk to Lala, he may feel bad, I will explain him, you don’t need to talk. Randhir’s parents agree. Rajrani, Brij and others come to talk. Randhir and Amrit wait for the elders’ reply. Randhir signs her to calm down. Amrit thinks I wish they agree.

Bua asks Lala not to talk to Karam, he will feel bad, she will talk to him. Lala agrees. He goes to Karamchand. He says we all will accept Randhir’s wish, this alliance is fixed. Karamchand says we will do the engagement tomorrow. Bua says I wish the other girl’s marriage also happens soon, you have to find a nice guy for her. Karamchand says surely. Randhir’s dad comes to hug him and signs yes. Randhir and Amrit get happy.

Kiran goes to her room and cries. Bua consoles her. She asks her not to be foolish. She says I have played such a game that you will be shocked, everyone will think that you and Randhir are getting engaged, his parents will think that his engagement is happening with Amrit. Amrit says Randhir’s parents have convinced Lala. Bua says you know Lala’s anger, he will get upset with Randhir, he will not give Amrit’s hand to him, if you don’t get Randhir, then I won’t let Amrit get him. She goes out to check. She sees Amrit at the door. Amrit cries and apologizes to Kiran. She says when I got to know that Randhir’s relation came for help, I didn’t wish to accept his love, he told me that he can’t stay happy with you or keep you happy, I accepted his decision, I m sorry. Kiran acts and forgives Amrit. She hugs Amrit. Amrit smiles.

Amrit comes to meet Vashma. Vashma asks did Abrar not see you. Amrit says he was going out, he will come tomorrow, you didn’t come to meet me by his fear. Vashma says yes, he doubts Uday, he fixed my alliance with Farooq. Amrit says so I had to come here with the good news. Amrit gets shy and says my engagement is happening with Randhir. Vashma says great. They dance. Amrit says I didn’t know what’s love, I will get my love in some days, you will be the first to get married. Vashma cries and says not everyone’s fate is same. Amrit says you tell the family about Uday and yourself, our dads are best friends, they will make this friendship into relations. Vashma says its not so easy, I m scared. Amrit says look at my hand fate signs, love and happiness are written on it, you hold my hand, maybe our fate signs do anything for each other. They smile.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 19th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Uday and Vashma dance in the function. Brij and everyone scold Uday. Brij says we can just have friendship, not any relation. Amrit cries hearing that Randhir is getting engaged to Kiran.

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Telecast Date:18th February 2021
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