Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th February 2021 Written Episode Update


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 17th February 2021 Episode starts with Episode starts with Abrar scolding Vashma. Iqbal says Farooq should have given her a chance to speak. They argue. Zaheda asks Vashma did she give her pic to anyone. Vashma says no. Iqbal says I can’t punish my daughter for some stupid lover’s mistake. He asks Abrar why didn’t he tell him before about the pic. He says good that this relation broke, I don’t want such a guy who doubts her, if he can’t trust her, then he can’t love her. Vashma smiles. Amrit comes to Radha and says I know you didn’t beat Uday to hurt him, you can’t hurt anyone. Radha says I really felt bad, so I have beaten him. Amrit says you don’t know lying, why are you trying, you can tell me the truth.

Radha says I m saying the truth. She shows the jewellery given by Brij. She keeps all the jewellery back. Vashma comes and says I have hidden something from you, Uday and I love each other. Amrit cries. Vashma says Uday had gone to lock Farooq, so that Farooq doesn’t come to see me, Abrar was there, he had hurt Uday and doubted him, Radha had beaten Uday on his wound before Abrar checked him, if she didn’t do this, then everyone would have known that Uday was that guy. They cry. Amrit says its a big thing, you have hidden it from me. Vashma says I wanted to tell you first, but I didn’t get a chance.

Radha says I saw you both together and heard you, I had seen such a thing in the cinema, I understood you are the lovers, I don’t know entire thing, when Uday was hiding the wound, I understood that it shouldn’t come out, maybe Abrar doesn’t accept Uday because of religion, right. Vashma hugs her. Uday looks on. Vashma says you are leaving the house to save him. Radha says its fine, I was born on the roads, I m going back, Uday has to stay with you all, he shouldn’t get bad in your eyes, I will go. She packs her bags to leave. She sees Uday. Uday recalls his words.

She leaves. Vashma says I feel sorry for Radha, she gave a big sacrifice to save you, a real mum can do this, just stop her, else you will get away from your mum again. Radha goes downstairs. She cries seeing everyone. She takes Brij’s blessing. Brij gets away. Bua smiles. Uday calls out, Bau ji, stop Maa. Everyone gets shocked.

Uday says its my mistake, its not Maa’s mistake, I had say bad to her, anyone would get angry, I should get beaten up, she shouldn’t leave the house. He apologizes to Radha and says forgive all of us, don’t leave this house. Uday says its my mistake that I refused to accept your marriage, I realized my mistake, I want to accept her as Maa. Brij nods to Radha. Radha happily cries. Bua looks on. Uday takes Radha’s blessings.

Bua thinks Radha knows black magic and convinced Uday. Vashma says Amrit, listen to me, Uday met me and we got caught in riots, he changed because of our religion difference, I convinced him and then Farooq came here. Amrit asks why did you tell me now, I have told you everything, you have hidden your life’s big truth, I m so hurt, I didn’t do this with you before. She goes. Vashma cries. Radha surprises Brij. She says I got mad in happiness, we used to celebrate like this in our place, Uday called me Maa today, I should celebrate. Brij looks at her. She asks won’t you support me, what happened.

She says I thought you have also forgiven me. She apologizes and does sit ups. She says I will never hurt Uday again, forgive me, take this drink if you have forgiven me. He says enough, come here. She asks will you throw the water on my face. He asks won’t you make me ready for this jashan. They smile.

She makes him ready in her village getup. They celebrate. He says you will never hide anything from me or do anything that hurts my heart, what are you thinking now. She says nothing. He asks her to come. Randhir says Sharfu, I can’t believe that she doesn’t love me, I have seen love in her eyes. Sharfu says she would have some reason to lie, its a tough thing to read her heart, Amrit would keep other’s happiness first. Randhir says yes, my alliance is getting fixed with Kiran, that’s the big reason for her refusal, she doesn’t know that my dad loves me a lot, he will never refuse to me, once Amrit accepts my love, then I will convince my dad. Sharfu says you just have a day’s time, your dad is coming to fix the engagement. Randhir says when a heart is filled with love, then the effect of blessing gets doubled. He writes Amrit’s name and makes a heart. He says she has to confess.

Amrit cries and thinks of Vashma. Uday comes and gets food for Amrit. She refuses. Zaheda asks Vashma to have food. Vashma refuses. She sees a bell and rings to call Amrit. Amrit sits sad. Vashma goes and cries. Its morning, Lala and Iqbal have a talk. Lala says Vashma had been ringing the bell, Amrit didn’t respond, it means… Rajrani says that Amrit and Vashma had a fight, they had a fight 3 years back. Radha asks how did they patch up.

Lala says we had locked them in the room, remember, I told them to patch up. Iqbal says yes, Amrit what do you think, shall we do this even this time. Amrit looks at them. Lala takes the snacks. He asks Iqbal how long will their fight goon. Iqbal says at least 3 days. Lala says everything will get fine till tomorrow evening. Iqbal says we can have a 1 rs bet. Lala says fine,I will also bet for 1 rs. Iqbal says you will lose. Lala says you will lose. Bua gets the snacks. She says you know why did Amrit and Vashma fight, they went to Radha’s room and then they got upset. Kiran says I don’t know. Bua says I have to do all the work, find out, whose mistake is it. Vashma says we have hurt Amrit’s heart, I couldn’t sleep all night. Uday says I m also worried. She says its my mistake, we did a mistake, we have to rectify it, she has never hidden anything from me, she is right, I have hidden a big matter from her, until she forgives me, we won’t meet, I want a complete relation. He asks what will we do if she doesn’t forgive us. She says I will never meet you Uday, I will sacrifice my love for my friendship if its needed. He worries and nods. Amrit comes on the terrace and sees them. Vashma says Amrit…. She thinks I know how to convince her. She stops Amrit. She asks Amrit to come with her. Amrit asks what are you doing. Vashma locks the door. Amrit says Uday is my brother, but you are my friend, how can you hide it. Vashma says mistake happens, its just 3 days till confession, we didn’t even kiss. Amrit says stop it, you are talking of my brother. Vashma says that’s why I wasn’t telling you, I will be hesitant to tell you about my love for Uday, you didn’t think I m so shy. Amrit says you are not shy, you are mad. Vashma asks her to smile now. Amrit smiles. She says I m so happy for you. Vashma says I will kill you if you aren’t happy. Amrit throws ink at her and laughs. Vashma also throws ink at her and laughs. They have a pillow fight. Amrit says I wish we could capture this moment forever. Vashma says come. Radha gets snacks for Uday. She says I feel scared. He asks why. She says I have hidden a big thing from Brij, if he asks me about Vashma and you, then I can’t lie, I m worried. She says you know there are many riots happening here, how will you marry Vashma.

Radha says I can’t save you from Brij’s beating. Uday says you give me two days time, I will tell him myself. Radha says fine, but tell him, I will pray for you, have the snacks. Brij comes. Radha goes to him. Brij asks where did you keep my pagdi. She goes to get it. Brij says you are having snacks. Uday says you also have it. Brij says you have it, your Maa has made it for you, what was Radha saying about hiding something. Uday says she was asking me not to hide and play hockey. Brij holds him and says have the snacks. He goes. Uday thinks.

Bua says Amrit and Vashma got friendship soon. Rajrani says their friendship is of childhood. Vashma says we will get a pic clicked and get it printed, come with me. Amrit says its wrong. Vashma asks her to sit fast. Amrit asks how will we use it. Vashma says don’t worry, I had seen Iqbal’s patient using a camera. She asks Amrit to have some shyness and smile, think its Randhir, not his camera. Amrit gets sad. Vashma asks are you hiding something from me. Amrit says yes, Randhir said he loves me, but I refused. Vashma asks why. Amrit says because his alliance came for Kiran, I told him that I don’t love him. Vashma says such a big lie, Kiran told him that she is Ranjhan, even then he loves you. She sees Randhir passing by. She asks do you love me more or Randhir. Amrit says you are my life, Randhir is my love, I wish I could tell this to him. Randhir smiles. Vashma clicks their pic. Amrit says I wish I could tell him that I truly love him. Kyun uthe….plays… Amrit turns to see him. Vashma smiles.

Randhir smiles seeing Amrit. Woh mere rubaroo hai….plays… Vashma says I will go. Amrit also tries to go. Randhir holds her hand and stops her. Amrit asks Randhir to let her go. He says I knew it, but I m glad to hear it from you, I feel all my blessings got accepted, you can’t deny it now. She says but dad has fixed your relation with Kiran, my happiness imp than his respect. He says your yes was necessary for me, you agreed now, then I will convince your dad also, for the sake of our love, I will talk to him. She says but Kiran is my sister, I can’t do wrong with her. He says you will stop wrong happening with her, I don’t love her, Amrit, if I marry Kiran, then three lives will be ruined. She says no, your dad and Kiran’s dad had promised each other, Kiran’s dad is no more, so she is my dad’s responsibility, dad will not let this alliance break, he will not agree for my alliance. She gets sad.


Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye 18th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Randhir says you have to convince Lala that I marry Amrit. His parents say Lala has agreed. Randhir hugs his dad. Amrit says I m getting engaged to Randhir. Bua says I won’t let Amrit get Randhir.

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Telecast Date:17th February 2021
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