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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th October 2021 Shubhra says did you see Kuldeep? Sam stopped the kids. Only her daughter could wake up the human in her. Samaira gives a gift box to Rishi and Rolil. They don’t take it. Samaira says Vedika you give it to them, they’re your friends. Vedika says if you both don’t take it I won’t either..

They take it. Samaira says I am going to sleep. Shubhra hugs Kuldeep. Kuldeep says what is the plan? mahi says I am trying to wake up the mother in Samaira. We have to get Vedika her mom back like Rishi and Roli got their dad back. Kuldeep says talk to Anand and request him to let Vedika stay here.

Scene 2
Anand is angry. He says what? You took my daughter to that woman without telling me? Shubhra says I called you many times. There wasn’t enough time, we had to stop Samaira. Anand says I don’t care what’s important. I can’t trust Samaira. I am there for my daughter. Shubhra says who knows it better than me. I was there for my kids. We do both roles but kids get half love only.

Mother and father aren’t each other’s substitutes. Anand says you know what Samaira has done to me and Vedika. You want me to forgive her? Shubhra says no I am not. But kids only see love. Vedika should get her mother’s love. When Vedika said thanks mama Samaira was emotional. Give your daughter one chance. Talk to her. After that do what you think is right.

Scene 3
Kuldeep says to Samaira I thought you were sleeping. Samaira says ask your biji to leave my house. And tell that Shubhra to stop bringing kids here. This isn’t a playground. Or I will do something you won’t be able to tolerate. He says you can do what you want. You are leaving anyway. She says we are both going. He says I am not going anywhere. You’re crazy and that crazy is taking you to Harsh. She is about to hit him. Kuldeep stops her and says you don’t look pretty to me. When I see you I only feel regret. He says you still have time, change yourself or you will have nothing left.

Scene 4
Harsh comes to meet Shubhra. Shubhra recalls what Kuldeep said. He says you got so busy in work you forgot Rishi’s session? Shubhra says I didn’t forget. I opted out of it. Rishi won’t need your therapy anymore. Harsh says reason? Shubhra says it’s personal. He says I am Rishi’s doctor. It’s not a good decision to discontinue his session. Shubhra says as a parent I can take a decision. Harsh says you can decide better.

You might find a good doctor in Pune, Mumbai and Dubai. Shubhra says I thought you were my best friend. I didn’t know you would change so much. Harsh says you don’t understand people. Like you couldn’t understand Kuldeep. And now me. You’re still not getting his feelings. Shubhra says Kuldeep and I.. Harsh says no no don’t be your ex-husband’s advocate. Focus on Rishi. Your ex-husband doesn’t need you. He leaves.

Scene 4
Chandrani says Sam.. Phirki says it’s me Phirki not Samaira. chandrani says your everything is like Samaira. Phirki says call me by my name. Chandrani says because she’s a witch. Chandrani spills juice on her dress. Phirki says you ruined my 25k dress. Chandrani says that’s not even your salary. Where did you get so much money from? Phirki says leave that. Didi has asked you to leave the house.

Chandrani says I won’t leave the house. You’ve started looking like Samaira. She will go to Dubai soon and you will be on the road. You are useless for her. Phirki says she will give this house to me. Chandrani says stop dreaming. Phirki says I know things about her for which she can give me this house and 4 more. Chandrani says you’ve become a queen. She takes a selfie with her.

Scene 5
Anand comes to pick. Vedika says I wanna stay here more. Shubhra says she likes it here with Rishi and Roli. She gets bored at home. Anand says okay stay here. Vedika hugs her. She says wow I said yes and got a hug. Vedika says I give you holiday from papa’s role. He says I get bored and miss you. Vedika says did you mind that I met mama? All kids have mama and papa. I don’t. I miss mama.

Kuldeep says Biji come home please. I will send the cab. She says I will bring Phhirki there. She know some secret. So big that Samaira can even give her this house. She sends her the selfie. Kuldeep sends it to Shubhra and tells her everything.

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