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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 8th January 2021 Varsha comes in with Rishi and says he fought with me and hit me. He hit my son. Shubhra says my Rishi can’t misbehave with anyone. Roli says Rishi hit aunty with a stone but Aunty also pulled his ear. Varsha says is that the kind of kids we want in this society? He’s dangerous. Shubhra says what is she saying? Rishi says she said bad things about you and papa. She said papa ran away and you wanted money so you let him go. Shubhra says come here, if you get angry, don’t react. We can’t hit anyone.

What aunty said was wrong but you did was worse. Say sorry. Rishi says Sorry. He asks kids to go inside. Varsha says you trusted your husband and see he ran and now son is a goon. Shubhra says enough. Don’t dare to be near my kids or say a word against them. It was your mistake not his. She says yeah as if your kids are innocent. Sanjana says well done Shubhra. I am impressed. Shubhra says Rishi found out about me and Kuldeep. He would never react this way otherwise. I have to speak to him.

Madhura says to her husband you are like Hitler. How can you be so stone hearted? You will never understand a wife is also a daughter. I go to meet my daughter and that isn’t a sin. She cries. He says what happened to you? She’s so alone. We aren’t with her either. She’s my daughter. She made one mistake, she can’t be punished for life. You’re old. Please use your brain. As if you never made a mistake. Don’t you miss your daughter? Don’t you want to hug her? She made a mistake so what.. You will regret. I went to meet Shubhra and I will. He says Madhura.. She’s sleeping. He says what are you saying in sleeping? He realizes she’s drunk. He says who made her drink? I have to find out.

Shubhra asks Roli to go out and watch cartoons. She says I have to talk to Rishi. He says why did Varsha aunty say papa ran? Dadi was also angry and Samaira said papa has left you. Shubhra says I never knew when you grow up so much that I could share anything with you. I should have told you before. Sometimes even papa mama get mad at each other. Not everyone’s the same in the world. No one likes to fight. So when fights increase, you can stay away from each other. That doesn’t mean we won’t be together again. Papa loves Rishi and Roli. Rishi says when will he come back? Shubhra says I don’t know that either. But he loves you. Don’t tell Roli anything. She’s too young. Shubhra says in heart why are you doing this to our kids Kuldeep?
Scene 2
Madhura wakes up and says my heart hurts. Aaju says can you see? She says what? He says hitler? No remorse or mercy. Take this medicine you will be fine. He says when did you start drinking? ChaandRani comes there. Madhura says you came to ask how I am right? Aaju says who is she? She says I am Madhura’s bestfriend, ChaandRani. He says now I know where she’s getting bad habits from. She says yeah, not asking a guest about water is also a bad habit. Let us friends talk. He calls Vithal. He goes out. ChaandRani says you drank my glass completely. She recalls what she said to him. He says sit. She says your ego is sitting here. Don’t be mad at her. She was worried for Shubhra and she drank by mistake. Kuldeep left kids and Shubhra alone. Aaju is shocked. ChaandRani says he cheated on her and went with another woman. I felt bad, so I made a drink. Kuldeep is my son. So we shared our pain. I never saw my son after marriage. But they are separated now. Things are okay. He says you asked how she is. Now you can go.

Scene 3
Kuldeep calls Rishi. He says you left us right? You left mama. He says no, I love you. Your mama is lying. He says mama didn’t say anything. I called you and Samaira aunty said you left us and mama and never to call you again.

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Telecast Date:8th January 2021
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