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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 7th April 2021 Samaira says this is your heart and this is your heart’s thing going to Rishi. Roli says papa write a new letter. Rishi won’t like it. Samaira says in her heart I have to keep this Roli on my side. There’s no other way. I won’t let them win at any cost.

Scene 2
Shubhra says what do you want to say. Madhura says you came to this house to be on your own. Keep this as a shagun. This is my blessing so you can’t say no. Shubhra says shagun can be of 11 rupees as well. You can give me 11 rupees. Madhura says what should I do to give you all the happiness. I can’t see you like this. My daughter in this pain.. Madhura cries. Shubhra hugs her. Madhura says I am so helpless. I can’t even say that I know your pain. I can’t even feel it. Shubhra says it’s okay. I will handle it. You always had hopes from me. So you should now have them as well. When you expect from other people, you suffer. Now I won’t let tears come to my eyes or my kids. I will fulfill my dreams. I will be a new Shubhra now. I am the same Shubhra who had the courage to leave her house for her love. I want my kids to meet that lost Shubhra. I will live my life now. I will need you a lot. When a child decides something, all they want is support from their parents. I want to know what’s in your heart. Do you think I can succeed? MAdhura says yes. You will always succeed. Shubhra hugs her. Madhura cries. Rishi smiles looking at them. Roli is on call. She smiles too.

Scene 3
The next morning, Shubhra dresses up and does arti. She says this is a new morning. Shubhra wakes up Rishi and says get ready. She says go before I make breakfast.

Roli wakes up and says, good morning mama.. What’s in the breakfast. It’s Chandrani. Roli says I thought its mama. Chandrani hugs her. She says I miss mama. Chandrani says I am here for you. Shubhra says paratha for Roli. Rishi says she’s in Pune. Rishi looks at her barbie plate. Shubhra says guess what is in breakfast? He says poha? Sandwich? It’s parathas. Rishi says Roli’s favorite. They eat the parathas together. Shubhra gets teary. Rishi hugs her.

Scene 4
Aaju baa sees Madhura packing her things. He says are you leaving me? She says I really want to but if I leave you, your life would be boring. He says I will eat sweets. She says yeah and then your sugar will be 400. I am going where no one will trouble me. You won’t like it, but I am going to Shubhra’s place. Aaju baa gets angry. Madhura says Chandrani gave her the house, someone needs to make it home. I will live with my grandchildren. Don’t taunt or stop me. She looks for her purse. He says Madhura.. He says here, is it?

Scene 5
Samaira says Phirki give a sandwich to Roli. Kuldeep says paratha? Samaira says no more parathas. We are diet-conscious people. It’s healthy. Shubhra calls Chandrani? She says good morning. How does it feel in your own house? Shubhra says did Roli eat? Chandrani says she is eating a cheese sandwich. Don’t worry. Shubhra says she doesn’t eat break corners. Chandrani says I will cut them don’t worry.

Samaira says what happened Roli? You didn’t like the sandwich? Do you want anything else? Phirki will make it. Kuldeep says ask for it. Chandrani says she likes sandwiches, we just need to treat it a bit. She cuts the corners. Samaira says I will do it. Roli says thank you cool auntie but I want to eat apples now. She sits with Chandrani. Samaira says I will cut it for you. Roli says I want to eat grapes now. Samaira gets angry but pretends to smile. Roli and Chandrani smirk. Chandrani says in heart why is this witch being so nice to Roli? I need to keep an eye on her.

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