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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 6th January 2021 Shubhra is home next morning. Sanjana says I am very sorry. I shouldn’t have left the kids at night. Shubhra says it’s okay. It happens with kids. Shubhra says Rishi have warm water, the dice would come out. Roli faints and says such bad smell. Shubhra says get up don’t do this drama. Rishi says the dice is out. Sanjana says thank God. Was everything okay there yesterday? Shubhra ignores and asks kids to get ready for the school.

Kuldeep does push ups and says she didn’t even tell me if she reached home or not. I don’t know what did she tell the kids. What would they be thinkging about me? He falls. Samaira saysa re you okay? He says neither Shubhra nor kids, no one called. I am not there to defend myself. Kids must be thinking I left them and hurt their mom. Samaira says get up. Have this juice. Kuldeep says I don’t feel like it. Samaira says it isn’t your fault. She acted like a daily soap’s heroin. She broke the marriage not you.

Sanjana says was everything okay? Rishi says how is papa? Roli says he must be so happy to see you. Shubhra says yeah I had never seen him that happy. Then we went to restaurant and had food and spoke. Roli says but.. Shubha says no more questions. They go to school. Sanjana says now tell me the truth. What happened there? I don’t see your mangalsutra for the first time.

Samaira says I love you. That’s why I was ready to share you with Shubhra. I got a slap in return of my kindness. I am so worried about her still. She left alone. Kuldeep says you are still worried about her? Samaira says if she isn’t happy kids won’t be happy and that would upset you. Kuldeep hugs her. Kuldeep says you didn’t do right Shubhra.

Scene 2
Sanjana says shout and cry Shubhra. Don’t act like a robot or stone. Shubhra says the woman inside me wants to cry but the mother inside me can’t see my kids hurt. Madhura comes in and says I also can’t see my daughter hurt. Shubhra is shocked to see her. Sanjana says I called her. I knew only your mother can heal you. Shubhra says I know you will say Kuldeep is a bad choice, I don’t wanna hear all that. Madhua extends her arms to hug her. Shubhra hugs her. Madhura cries. Shubhra cries as well. Sanjana leaves. Shubhra sobs. Shubhra screams and cries. Madhura says calm down, please. She makes her sit. Shubhra sobs. Madhura gives her water. She cries as well. Madhura wipes her tears and gives her water. Shubhra sobs.

Shubhra says why did you come here? Baba asked you not to come here. She says you’re my daughter. When a child needs their mother no one can come between them. Shubhra hugs her.

Scene 3

ChandRaani’s friends are there to play cards. She says wait for my friend Madhura. She had to come. ChaandRani calls Madhura. Shubhra falls asleep in Madhura’s lap. ChaandRani calls Madhura. ChaandRani says where are you? She says I am my daughter’s place. Can’t come. ChaandRani says what happened to your voice? Are you okay? She says my daughter.. Her husband left her. He cheated on her. He left her and the kids. What will she do? How will she live alone? ChaandRani says don’t worry I am coming right now. I am there for her and you.

Scene 4
Rishi is sitting alone in school. Roli says to kids papa will bring me toys. Roli asks Rishi what happened? He says aai isn’t looking like she did. There’s something wrong. She didn’t make emoji on my cake. Roli says yeah she didn’t even say no naughty behavior Roli. Maybe she’s missing papa.

Madhura makes Shubhra eat. She says I don’t feel like. Madhura says you have to be strong for the kids. Bell rings. ChaandRani reads Chaddha house. Madhura opens the door. ChaandRani says am I at right place? Madhura says come in. ChaandRani says I will make her very happy. Shubhra comes out. ChaandRani and Shubhra are shocked to see each other. ChaandRani says who is she? Madhura says she’s my daughter. She says Shubhra she’s my best friend ChaandRani. ChaandRani says I couldn’t even get it from the door. Shubhra touches her feet and says mummy ji.. ChaandRani steps back and says stay away.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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